Trainer Troop - Lvl 1 - Visual issue

Today I have received my first 2 star Trainer troop from a Titan loot.
I have click on it for curioisity and it is showing me that it is at Lvl1 and not at Lvl 15.

When I have checked it in my Troops building at is showing at Max Level:

(The other Trainer troop is from Black Friday)

If I open it from there, then I see it as on Lvl 15:

So this is just a Visual issue.


Probably a visual issue.

Have you checked how much XP do you gain with that LVL1 trainer troop compared to a MAX LEVEL trainer troop? Is it the same amount?

(I don’t mean to actually feed them)

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It gives the same XP as the other I have received from Black Friday (270)

I have reported the bug via In-game support too if it is needed…


Staff is looking into it:

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Thank you for letting us know! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.


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