Trainer heros... what do i do with them?

As the title implies, i have to many of there 1*, 2* and 3* trainers. Where i got the notion to save them, is well beyond the boundaries of my memory.

Ive upgraded my roster 3 times to accommodate this problem, and the less obvious dupes i horde, (in hopes to get a 100% special). But ive never managed to convince myself when or, even IF, i should serve my trainers to a hero.

Most that take the time to read this, this far, are probably snickering and shaking heads, but i really do not know when to dooe these cards out.

I saw a few posts that said they were good to advance high level/high tiers.

I am f2p, of about a year now, i do not yet have many options in all colors. But i have a few…this is my tops…

Top row all have max special, they get the 2* feeders.

Second row need specials finished. 1*s

Third row, well, just whatever comes along.

I have other 4* to start and/or finish (a lot of finishing), but i have no idea when or where is the most advantageous use of trainer heros.

Should i have been using them all along?
Having saved them, do i use them to urge on levels?
Do i buy more room and see if they become more of a resource for the coming updates?

Any and all opinions, facts and fantasy reasoning, is acceptable…

Thank you in advance

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Trainer heroes are just to give a good amount of exp, the best way would be to give them to a hero of their same color while his special is already maxed.

You don’t need to keep them all but usually players that keep them want to find and level a specific hero and this happens often on the last “stages” of the game.

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So I’m not sure what is filling all 115 slots. What you show are good heroes. What are on the other pages?

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