Trainer heros .. TC lv 13

Hi people
Have a tone of trainer heros. . How they are useful ? Feeding (3* trainer) ? !!!
My TC is lv 13 … i got 9 3* after 9 attempts.
Looking for Kiril and Caedmon. .do i have chance in lv13.

TC13 5% chance to get a 4* heroes.
The trainer heroes are best to feed a hero that have special skill maxed but still lack XP, if you can keep them for your 4* and 5* that be great.
I personally bought lot of extra heroes space with my gems which is to my point of view gem well spent as you get something useful for them.


Thanks puruska …

Thanks for saying this, now I realized how I maxed out a 3 star without maxing the skill so quickly, the trainer heroes are not for that. Also I realize that you shouldn’t feed lower level heroes with heroes that are higher than them either.

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