Trainer Hero's and Troops

I have been reading many threads trying to get answers as I am a newby and the thread about what the player wished they new early on was very helpful but I have two questions I can’t find the answers to. First is there anything special about the Trainer Hero’s and do you do something special with them. Second what do you do with all the extra troops you accumulate?
It seems the game can get very complicated with very involved strategies but I am enjoying it making the best of my hero’s as strong as I can and then attacking anything that seems reasonable to attack. Lol

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Welcome to the game (and the forum), and glad you’re enjoying it!

And yes, this game is far more intricate than it seems at first glance. When I first started playing I thought it would be a simple game, but as you get deeper into it there’s a fair bit of strategy, particularly since you need to manage resources over many months or years to accomplish your long-term goals.

Yes! Trainer Heroes give bonus XP when fed to other heroes. Early in the game, that’s just a nice perk. Later in the game when you’re leveling 4 and 5* heroes, it can be productive to save Trainer Heroes towards late in their leveling to save on food usage.

Here’s a guide on XP for Trainer Heroes and other feeders:

Eventually when your Stronghold is at least Level 10, you can convert an “Advanced” building (Level 5 or higher) to a Barracks, where you can feed troops to each other and level them up like heroes. This is an incredibly slow and food-intensive process, particularly for 4* troops, so it’s more of a mid-to-end game priority than an early-game priority when you are usually best focusing on hero leveling.

Here’s some detail on that process:

And here are some guides on troops:


Trainer heros that you get FREE are the best Feeders. I’ve been known to purchase the Trainer Hero packs to use as feeders specifically however their ROI isn’t very good for that your better off training say a bunch of 1*'s in Training Camp 19 to speed feed. Otherwise just use Training Camp 2 for the purpose.

If you are a new player and pull a higher rarity Troop they can actually fill a spot on your team till you get someone leveled to replace them.

The troops you accumulate which will be 100’s or it was for me before I used any - they are used to feed your 3* - ideally 4* troops because they add so much to you hero’s base stats. The difference with feeding your heroes and troops is heroes you can feed any element, troops have to have the same element.



One thing I have seen new players doing is using the trainer heroes in normal game - assuming that since they are max level they must be good. Don’t do that. They are garbage in fights. Really use them for the purpose they are created for - which is levelling up heroes quickly.

One thing to remember though - even that they give you a good portion of xp that replaces few normal feeders, they still give only single hero percent chance to upgrade the special. So better use them only when you have the special skill maxed, or on 4 and 5 star heroes where there’s almost no risk of not maxing the special eventually.


On the plus side, with the new version 18 update, it’s way less of a pain to fix an un-maxed special on a 3*.

But this is still excellent “better safe than sorry” advice.


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