Trainer Heroes Pack vs Reset WE

basicly i got so many unleveled heroes and decided to stop Pulling this month. i am thinking to spend my 3000 Gem to boost leveling progress.

so i need to decide 2 option here

  • use 3000 gem to pull 10x Trainer Heroes Pack , by normal chance in math i should get 18 *1 , 9 *2 and 5 *3 at least
  • reset WE 30x which is my current WR is 30 , so i will get 900 Flag , use in S2-1-9 for 90x and in math i should get around 270 Backpack at least

which one do you think give more benefit ?

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@arios This same question came up in another thread, I think this might answer your question:

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It’s not even a contest, if you’re willing to farm.

900 flags should yield heroes worth 58,320 hxp on average, assuming you farm low provinces of S1 like 5-8. Plus all the swords, backpacks, etc.

The 10x trainer heros pack has an expected value (using your numbers) of 11,232 hxp, and no backpacks, swords, etc.

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Thanks appreciate for your suggestion , i will split half to S1-8-7 and use ticket for S2-1-9-hard


Ticket is better used in 15.8 hard, if its only the recruits you want.

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I’ve gotten good results from S2-15-8-hard. I use my loot tickets there regularly. It’s a lot of recruits (~33), plus good crafting ingredients, particularly Fire Stone.

EDIT: @TKristensen Sounds like we should be farming together. :slight_smile:


not recruit but Backpack , i got 4k recruit for now but none of backpack


Honestly you’re going to spend 3000 gems and not even be close to max a 4 star hero if ur farming

If u buy trainers they might get you into 2nd tier :joy::joy:

It’s a worthwhile point that 58,320 xp wouldn’t come close to maxing a 4*:

And here are the xp requirements for a 4*:

I don’t think there’s much argument for using 3000 gems for the leveling benefit — it’s more useful for the farming, and the hero xp gained from feeders from the farming is just a perk.

But it’s still way better than buying the trainer heroes, at least:

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