Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

That’s why I said logically speaking. It’s more about the gut punch I experience. That is visceral.


Just a heads up… I hope its an error… On the other hand I rather have a trainer than another normal 3*

Still a waste of coins and diamonds though

I can understand the frustration… I really can
But it’s not an error…. Yes you can get trainer heroes in this portal.
They were introduced quite a while ago


I know they introduced the trainers in 2020 (I think it was 2020) but then they removed them again… I haven’t noticed then since…

Good thing I’m feeding 4 5* now. I don’t have room for trainers and to give a 3* a trainer is just stupid


I love the trainer heroes being included and would much rather get a 4 star trainer than a 5 star hero from season 1. Is it possible to add an option like a check box in the portal to offer this?


Much prefer a trainer than s1 rare like i normally get.

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If this was last year I would have agreed, but not really now. At least a S1 5*s could be used for the SE. Getting a 1% trainer has returned as a slap in the face

Saros, this is dramatising a very small issue. New players will soon tire of getting the same 3 and 4 star heroes, just as everyone else. I recall having my first duplicate Balthazar and triple Jahingar in the first month. Fed’em away and would have preferred a trainer hero. Having said that, i really dont care greatly either way - and i think this goes for most players.

An option to choose would help everyone out - win - win. :pray:

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Yes, I completely agree with you.

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I would normally agree but I have been bombarded by TC20 and event pulls giving me S1 5*s that I am up to 59 dups and SE only allows a max of a 20 dump. I wish SE let you swap up to 3X like it was in Beta trials. At least it’s on the calendar in a few weeks and I can clear some space, hopefully with a 20 hero exchange.