Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

Because I get a bonus draw, on average, every 6 month… after 36 month I have 6 HOTM… that’s why any bonus draw resulting in an useless trainer hero would be a total disappointment.

But his idea is that the bonus roll for trainer is EXTRA, not impacting the chance for HotM.

So you have 1.3% chance to get HotM + say 10% chance to get a trainer, so overall there is a 11.3% chance for a bonus roll. Chances for HotM - not impacted.

Seriously I have so much trouble understanding why this concept is so difficult to comprehend for this many.


It’s just watering down the hero pool. Doing everything to please their big spenders. This was just another step on the way of the game becoming a circlejerk of whales and “iT’s ToTaLly RaNdOm” sycophants…

No, it’s not hard to understand. It’s clear as daylight, still I hate it. Put trainer heroes inside the portal all you want, give them whatever ods you like, but not as bonus draws. Do it another way, I don’t want it to be in any way related to HOTM’s. Triggering the bonus draw animation (a thing that happens every 6 month for me) and then getting a trainer hero is it’s obscene and sadistic…

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I just used 10 challenge coins to get a trainer hero. Whatever you may say, it felt like a complete slap in the face.

I do not like this at all.


Yeah completely agree, I had a friend pull 10 and he got no event heroes and 2 trainers. What a joke.

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I agree. Trainers are nothing more than very expensive food (kobe beef?) when pulled from a portal. An event summons should be better than that.

Nevermind that it doesn’t diminish the (extremely unlikely) odds of actually getting an event hero, it doesn’t improve them either and just increases the frustration when you don’t.

And to add insult to injury you can get them from HA, so no real benefit to adding them to the event portals anyway.


And you can get the S1 3* they replace from multiple levels in a TC for even cheaper. What is the point of this “argument”?

Yes, we all want better odds at the event heroes. And everyone is going to be disappointed every time they pull something that isn’t an event hero or HOTM. But for some reason some people seem to be even more unhappy about trainers. You were getting garbage either way. Complain about the general results/odds, not the specific form of unwanted results.


The point is they changed the outcomes without improving them at all, so why bother?

I am glad you are happy with this change. Be accepting that I am not.


The odds for the event heroes have not been impacted by the addition of trainers.

For many, the S1 3* and 4* heroes from the event portals are feeders anyway; swapping a few out for training heroes feels more honest to me.

If you’re going to feed them anyway at least the trainers get you levelled up a little faster!

So many other things are more worthy of “forcefully voiced opinions” … but I guess each to their own!


Exactly, change for the sake of change is rarely a good thing.

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I purchased a 30.00$ package for starfall event and I have only used 2 tokens and got Trainer Heros BOTH times. It’s ludicrous to PAY to get these. ITS A TOTAL SLAP IN THE FACE… WHY would I spend real $$ for them when I always get them in missions???
If this is an Error, and I hope it is, PLEASE fix it!!!


You can level your heroes faster with 3*/4* trainer heroes than with s1 3*/4* heroes

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Not a mistake… At least u got a trainer, I hear carver and prica are the most popular :laughing:

Generally I like the idea of trainers in the portal…but when you receive two 4* trainers at 1% chance is just a bit…distasteful. The same chance is for a legendary hero and you are left with the disturbing thought that it could have been a 5* hero…


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