Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

Why is it upsetting? Were you looking forward to another Bane or Renfeld?

These are my pulls for the event:
single pull: Renfeld
single pull:: Kelile
10x : 4* Blue Trainer, D’Andre, Nashgar, Renfeld, Bane, Belith, Berden, 3* Green Trainer, Ulmer, 3* Red Trainer.

I would rather have 6 more 1* trainers, than that cadre of 3*. At least the trainers did some good in levelling Ares, Margaret and Agwe.

Those pulls would have been more 3* S1 in most any other portal

I’m more concerned at the lack of event 3* showing up. Normally it would be dupe upon dupe of Candy and Whacker.


That’s my point…. Why add trainers to the already frustrating mix…… I would be happier if you take S1 3* out of the event portal, so that if I’m getting a 3* it’s not the twentieth ulmer of the day. I would be perfectly happy with event 3*’s and trainers…… pulling S1 3* and trainers is like buying ground beef and steaks burgers for dinner, ……I want the salmon!


Yeah, I really cannot see any downside whatsoever with having 3* trainers in the portal…It does not affect the chances you have for 4* or 5* either so…win win.

So those that are happy are happy doing pulls, so if a “bad” pull rendered no event heroes or 5* but instead gave you lots of feeders you’re happy

Which means, like a greedy robber, once wasn’t enough so he goes double dipping, but tries and does it in a way to keep customers happy and the law consequences off their robbing spree?

Me, Change the odds, less% for all season 1, increase % on all new events, everyone is happy


Keep % as they are and increase loot drops and accention materials drop rates, everyone is happy

WHAT? You want me to fork out $$$ for a :poop: pull, one full of trainer hero’s and loads of them which I will feed all away in under 5 minutes or 15 if I spend thousands?

Like literally, you’re not playing a game or doing a pull, it’s not even a little gamble where you treat yourself , you’re literally just buying feeders from a shop disguised as something else to lvl up hero’s which alone won’t fully lvl them up to last accention.

If you’re happy getting scraps even if it’s trainer hero’s aka scraps, then spend away

Come on boys and girls, man, wake up or take off that wool that’s been pulled over your eyes.

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Happy about the lack of event heroes? No. But I understand the odds. You have no guarantee of a 5* on 10 pulls. In fact, the chances are pretty damned low; the expected return is less than 1/2 of one. You might expect a 4*, but it’s likely to be s1, not event. My expectation (and dread going in) is a bunch of 3*, mostly s1. Any improvement on that is good. Sure I would like more event heroes and 5*, but i’m not going to be unhappy about getting a 4* trainer instead of my 3rd Renfeld of the day.

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I got, kalini, bane and a 3* trainer for my coins. Maybe I’m able to do one or two more pulls, don’t know how much I can farm for chest.
But I would be happier if I got 3 trainers. All 3 are fed away, but the trainer was the most useful out of the them.

Of course I would be even happier if I got a event hero but if I can only choose between S1 3* or 3* trainer I will always take the trainer.

Like I said, Zynga , players want to enjoy your game and new content, cut out or decrease % on season 1 but man don’t insult these players with trainers. A trainer hero might gain 1-3 lvls once fed, that’s not fully accended.

Why are players liking the trainer hero’s, simply because you nerfed all the loot drops including backpacks which forces players to settle for :poop: and settle happy with it at a cost of $

Man, you could as well just go to an atm, withdraw cash and set it on fire and say, well, atleast I didn’t get coins, coins are heavy and fall everywhere, I know I know, even if you take your withdrawn cash, you can easily burn it BUT even if you can’t use it anymore atleast you get to keep the Ash which like weighs nothing.


This idea just came up and I thought it would solve everyone’s feud over this issue once and for all. Make trainer heroes like HOTMs. Maybe a 5% bonus draw for 4* trainer heroes only. Don’t give 1.3%, a trainer hero should not be as rare as a HOTM.
It will shut the naysayers up, and it will make players who want to improve on their roster very happy, a win-win for everyone

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So that we’d instead have people whining about their bonus pull being a trainer instead of HotM?


Yeah, they could be different rolls. Won’t matter. People can’t understand they’re getting a trainer instead of a worthless s1 hero, so they’ll just complain even louder about this.


Trainer heroes are just food, I’d be mad to get one as a bonus draw… what should be done to make things a bit better is lower the chances of S1 heroes to spawn in all portals, except for S1 portal and elemental summons… provided these two portals even justify their existence anyore… doubtfully anyone draws there anymore…

I fail to understand the logic here. Trainers are feeders that have no value outside of giving experience. A bonus draw is given out for free. Technically every hotm is free, and if you’re given free trainers along with your original 10 pulls, what’s the big deal?

Sorry @Tidyup , the only way to fix it is to increase the chance of getting legendary hero to 100%. Epic and rare heroes should be free bonus rolls with 100% chance. After every 3 pulls guaranteed epic ascension mat. Also everyone should get 50 free pulls whenever new portal appears. Then maybe - MAYBE - nobody is going to whine about it.


And those whiners whine even more at this current situation. These are bonus draws that really doesn’t mean anything. If you get the hotm you get it, and if you get extra trainer heroes, you can feed them all with the 10 feeders you just pulled. I can get the hotms at any event portal but trainer heroes are specifically at these portals. It’s also a way of saying 'hey, let’s throw in some trainers as bonuses from your pulls. You can feed them all for way more experience. Hotm rates are also not affected so I really don’t see any problems with this

So, you really think HOTM should share the already slim chances with some trainer heroes? Why on earth would you want that? If you’re lucky enough to get a bonus draw it would be a dezaster if it spawns a trainer hero… at least that’s what I think, but if you’d rather get a trainer than a HOTM, all right, you’re entitled to your own oppinion…

You seem to think that a 10 pulls entitles you to just 1 hotm, that is simply not true. If the stars and planets align in your favour, then a ten pulls may entitle you to 10 bonus pulls. Because each pull has its own bonus draw. This is why there are cases where people can get 2 or 3 copies of hotms in one 10 pulls. I’ve experienced it twice.
Also the pull rates are different. It’s like myztero from TOL. He doesn’t share his pull rate with the hotm, he gets his own pull rate.

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Don’t know where you got those ideas, I never said I think my self entitled to anything, nor do I think so. All I said is I would really hate it if a bonus roll would end up in a trainer hero… every pull has a chance at a bonus draw, even bonus draws have a chance at a bonus draw, that’s why some times two HOTM spawn with only one initial pull, it’s not unheard of. But getting a 4* trainer out of a bonus draw would sure be insanely disappointing… nobody said anything about 10 pulls, at least I sure did not…


And I just don’t understand why you think getting a trainer in a bonus draw is insanely disappointing

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Simple question? What would you prefer? HOTM or a trainer hero?

Really? You have a problem with replacing S1 3* and 4* heroes with trainers?

The 4* trainers drop at 1% so have a small negative impact on the S1 4* heroes. Seriously, this is a positive step…why are you so angry?

No people, the trainers is not an added bonus, if it was, then you do a 10 pull, mixed bunch… AS A BONUS FROM A 10 PULL, you get more chances of a free draw of a trainer hero, so you get your normal 10 pull and as a thank you… You may get anywhere from 1 trainer to 10 trainer hero’s additional to your pull including the 1.3% chance for hotm.

That’s what I call “trainers” as a bonus and not just 10 pull and that’s it, jog on.

Each to their own, I’m definitely not spending ever again

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