Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

The portals containing trainer heroes are not for those of us, who are new to the game, and still want the regular heroes.

I would advice you to use your summons elsewhere. I am. Because I know I will be rather frustrated, if I get a trainer hero, after spending hours upon hours gathering the coins to do a summon.

I will still echo what I said, when this got implemented.

Give us a choice.

That way both new and old players are more satisfied.

We get it. All these new events, new heroes, new Season. It’s to keep your long term players engaged. Yet I see no reason, that both player segments cannot be heard and seen at the same time.

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When the 1% pop Up…

And the one you get is… Epic Trainer Hero instead of Legendary Event Hero :joy::joy::joy:

@CHENZ, yes it is… lol :sweat_smile: but it is acually the same as all event portal before.
To make it simple we compare to Teltoc portal…

1st case
Teltoc Portal: we have chance to get Cyprian, and we get Cyprian
Circus Portal: we have chance to get Cyprian, but filtered small (1%) chance to get 4* trainer instead.

Lucky case
Teltoc Portal: we have chance to get Panther, we get Panther
Circus Portal: we have chance to get Emilio, we get Emilio
There are no change on those odd.

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Anything that’s S1 from these portals is considered a loss. Be glad that they have not touched any percentage rates for event heroes. While I understand why people think like that, it is honestly a short term goal to want to just get any hero in these event portals. We should all be aiming for those event 5*s.

By giving trainers in the portals, it is a choice for older players to improve their roster faster. Same goes to newer players
It’s a slippery slope of an argument at this point. The older players hate seeing another dawa/renfeld in their pulls, while the new players hate seeing a trainer hero in their pulls. So who shall SG pander to, hmm…

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I agree, but it’s only add more disappoinment… (Or maybe just me)
Eventhough nothing change from getting the Legendary Event Heroes.

It’s like when 10 pools get you S1 and *4 Trainer Hero…
We might wish that *4 Trainer is Legendary Event Hero instead of that. lol with the same % tho.

Probably they should just make it up to 5% instead and lower on S1 Heroes Chance

What a game developer should focus on is to unite their player base, instead of dividing us even further. This done by making both segments feel heard. That is my humble opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may think the game caters to the new much more than years ago. You’re probably right, no doubt about that.

But the experience down here tells a different story, sadly.
As an example, PoV this time around is not possible to complete (as in reach the ascension material level), not even for this dedicated 10-months-in player, due to the Diamond raid requirements.
So where the aim for a five star hero is great, the ascension materials must follow :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway. I argued my case up above as best as I could. I still believe a choice for all is a much better solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note, I am not saying trainer heroes shouldn’t be in the portals. I acknowledge that older players want those. They should get them. You should get them.

But add a choice. Because we are here too.

Competitive P2W game or not. Unite the player base. Do not divide us.


Yes, and it is same like this in Teltoc:
Epic S1 = 20.8% = 19.8% + 1%.
10 pulls get you All S1 Epic Heroes, 9x Epic S1 Heroes (19.8%) + 1x Epic S1 Hero (1%)
We might wish that 1x Epic S1 Hero is Legendary Event Hero (with the same % too)

You can hit valor-48 and get the ascension mats without a single Diamond raid win. If you do everything else. It’s only something like 2200 pts. There are enough available points for lv50 plus 1000-odd points leftover. Working backwards, you can miss almost 4000 pts and still reach level 48.

Oh yes sorry, good point, I forgot to include, that the newer players are not capable of Season 3 stages ect. either. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I got couple trainers when pulling in this event, hoarding them till when I get last scope to ascend Loki which will help me not spend 2 million ham on last 10 levels when he’s at 4.70~ but significantly less. It’s extremely practical and exciting. Should these be Dawas, I would eat them all right away by whoever I’m leveling to free my roster.

Even a new player should see a benefit in having to spend just couple thousand ham to bring their hero up a dozen levels than getting a dupe they don’t even want/have place for in their rosters. Really I can’t see the reason to complain other than venting off the salt after not hitting Emilio etc or typical E&P conspiracy theories.


Скучно математика соблюдены, опять меня прокатили в призыве легенды не дали

I have been playing almost four years now and have never posted a complaint, however, just noticed the trainer hero I pulled out of the portal this morning and was a little confused…. Not sure who thought this would be a good idea, but just wanted to share my opinion…. It’s about the most irritating thing I’ve encountered in this game so far…… maybe we could rethink this option. Thank you

Many have complained about this and many are for it.
I for one complained about them not having them…the trainer heros are far better than another dawa or carver anyday or any other 3* non-starfall hero.

Would you rather another 3* S1 rare or a fully levelled 3* trainer? I also think there is another thread regarding this. Here:

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I understand your point Father, however if I wanted a trainer hero I’ll just buy the deals on Sunday…. Just seems think the % to pull a 4* or 5* hero just became more difficult……

Couple hundred people in this topic:


The percent chance to pull a 4* or 5* hero is exactly the same. Only 3* S1 chances are affected.


Thank you Pef for the info

I was surprised to get one in my last pull. Very upsetting

Glad I’m not the only one that feels that way

Why is it upsetting? Were you looking forward to another Bane or Renfeld?

These are my pulls for the event:
single pull: Renfeld
single pull:: Kelile
10x : 4* Blue Trainer, D’Andre, Nashgar, Renfeld, Bane, Belith, Berden, 3* Green Trainer, Ulmer, 3* Red Trainer.

I would rather have 6 more 1* trainers, than that cadre of 3*. At least the trainers did some good in levelling Ares, Margaret and Agwe.

Those pulls would have been more 3* S1 in most any other portal

I’m more concerned at the lack of event 3* showing up. Normally it would be dupe upon dupe of Candy and Whacker.


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