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To my opinion trainer heroes instead of S1 3/4 stars is a big win. Unfortunately there are some people here who see everything SG does negative. Every player who is longer than 3 months in the game and needs S1 3* heroes is doing something wrong: You have a decent chance for S1 3* heroes with TC10! With TC 13 its guaranteed with a small chance for 4* heroes.
No new player is able to get 10 event coins except buying them. If want to use gems, the elemental summons is ok for newbies, because they can choose the best color forcthem to summon. In the beginning 5* hetoes are to ressource consuming and newbies wont have the 4* mats. 4 and 3* event heroes are often to special/ niche for newer players to put into good use. Conclusion newbies dhould not summon in event pirtsls uding gems, S2 and S3 and elemental summons are better for them. Expierienced players like trainers more than Dawa…! And the others should ask them selves if ther game improves with 8. Bane and 4. Rigard…

Happy gaming


My first challenge event was when I was less than 2 months in this game. It was the Knights of Avalon, which I didn’t have the roster to complete back then (had 8 or 9 total 3* fully leveled, three of them were blue thus reflected).

Of course, with the info and experience I have collected during my 7 months of playing, I could’ve made it through the Rare stage back then. However it didn’t stop me at the time to notice that the Rare-3 stage has low WE cost, high XP gain and other benefits, Including challenge coins. So yes, I grinded Rare-3 through the event and assembled enough coins for a single pull from the Challenge portal. I didn’t make that pull but yes, I got those coins. So a newbie can collect 1-pull challenge coins from simply grinding. And imagine that newbie’s disappointment if (s)he pulls a trainer out of the portal for all that hard work!

Gems, you say. There is such a thing called free ViP which can be given to complete newbies by an older player. My girlfriend at the time tried inviting me into E&P. I accepted but something went wrong with the invitation thus neither of us got their rewards. Later we both learned to do it right, but suffice it to say that invitation, if successful, would yield 400 gems in the 10 days the reward ViP was active.

Moreover a completely f2p can earn more free ViP and thus gems by inviting more accounts in the game (well, usually his/her own alts). This can be done even in the beginning of the game while the main account’s WE recharges, one at a time of course.

So with all of that listed above we concluded that:

  1. A complete f2p newbie can assemble enough coins for a single pull from the Challenge portal by simply grinding Rare-3 during the entire event.

  2. A complete f2p newbie can assemble enough gems for several pulls if they work a bit for a free ViP

Since however a newbie f2p’s resources are so dwindling, it would be a great disappointment if such a player pulls…a trainer hero for all their troubles.

And the last reference - some newbies can indeed pull their first 5* within the first month (I did the same with Azlar), but other even older players may not have their first 5* until 6 months in the game (like my gf who started playing several months ahead of me and got her first 5* several months after myself).

It would also be a great disappointment if such a player pulls a fifth Bane.

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Gems could be spend at a different portal, and its quite unusual for a newbie to get 10 challenge coins.

I can’t even get 1 for legendary quests let alone 10 of them. And I don’t have the patience to farm for challenge coins

And if the newbie is smart, he keep that trainer hero and feed it to his other mains

Please don’t reply to me with a half quote, that’s simply not a discussion. I clearly said Villain event in that sentence. So that’s not evidence, especially when I and every player in this game can and have already done that.

I would HAPPILY vote for trainers in every portal apart Elemental/Epic/Costumes: all events, s2-4, even daily summons.
I am using HA specifically to get more of those tasty beefed up trainer guys as I am currently leveling a lot of 5* and every better feeder counts.

Again, you want classic heroes? You can build up FOUR training camps. Happy building!


Building TCs takes months.
I was overjoyed by receiving my first 4* (and I almost quit after waiting 6 months for the necessary hidden blades to ascend it, but it’s a known fact I’m particularly lucky).

While it’s true that eventually you will get all the 4* (but it took me more than 2 years to get my first Rigard), the problem is all in that adverb: eventually a lot of people quit.

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Exactly! I would much rather have a fully beefed up any level trainer, than another Dawa or bleeping Carver


Excuse me, but I used my challenge coins in event summon and got a 4* star trainer hero! I request my coins back!!

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It’s not a bug, you might find this thread interesting:

Could be easily found by using the search function. :wink:

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It is not a bug, here is the thread discussion about Trainer on Portal since League of Villains in Feb 2021:
Trainer Heroes in Event Portals – Thoughts and Discussions

The impact is only Season 1 3* and 4* hero.
So instead we get Dawa, we have chance to get 3* Trainer.
And instead we get Cyprian, we have small chance to get 4* Trainer.

That’s it, no other change to have chance on Event heroes, 5* heroes including season 1 and events.


I’ll glady swap the greymane I pulled for a good trainer hero.


I know I spend money on the game but this is a scam. Did a 10 pull and got 3 trainer heros that is bs. Not ok with this

Then don’t pull on portals that have chances for trainer heroes if you hate getting them.

I hate getting S1 heroes from portals, yet they are in each and every one. So I don’t even have a choice. You do, lol.


Please stay polite in this forum, it’s mostly just other players trying to help, while sitting in the very same boat. :wink:

Actually, a trainer hero gives you more XP when you feed it to another hero. Let’s be serious, if i have the choice whether I get the 837th Dawa or a trainer hero… No need to even complete this sentence.
I guess there’ll be only very few players out there that would prefer Dawa, Bane, Ulmer…

However, good luck in your future summons. :vulcan_salute:



Looks like a positive to me!

Mark Twain said it best, so I don’t have to:
"...they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."


Just curious, What is your progress currently? As @MuadDib has presented to you, the percentages for event heroes have not changed. Only the S1 rates have been affected. To get 3 trainer heroes is already consider lucky to many
You were just unlucky and didn’t get an event hero

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Would be nice if they replace all the classic heroes with rare and epic trainer heroes in event summon portals. At least they’re good for leveling heroes quick and I can save some ham.


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