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Tidyup, are you like me and think it’s strange how players keep speaking hypothetically about pulling trainer heroes from an event portal will produce faster hero leveling results. But yet not one of them has come forward with any type of proof for their claim, even though they had the chance to prove it with the Villain event?

What constitutes proof? Back during Villains, I did pull a couple of (welcome) Trainers. Oddly, I didn’t expect to need to prove it 5 months down the road, so I didn’t record the pulls in any way.

Do we dispute the xp value of various heroes?

Hero Type On-Color Off-Color
3* Hero 756 630
4* Hero 1080 900
5* Hero 1440 1200
1* Trainer 1200 1000
2* Trainer 1800 1500
3* Trainer 3000 2500
4* Trainer 6000 5000

Other than feeding dupes to costumes, I have no use for any S1 3* or 4* heroes anymore, and S1 5* are only good as feeders into HA10. ANY trainer is of more value. Even there, a 1* trainer is what? 1/4 of a level for a 4/60+ 5* ? [ my roster says 4/64 is about 3400; 4/78 is about 4500 ]

I’d be perfectly happy if they removed all S1 3* from the non-default portals and replaced them with 1* trainers, but the “current” draw table is at least somewhat useful.

And this can be taken for both my c2p and f2p accounts, though the latter doesn’t have all the S1 Legendary yet.

Also, to reiterate what others have said… these are not portals where people who haven’t even completed S1 are going to be doing a lot of pulls, unless they are spending. p2w newbs may be an edge case, but they’re hunting 5* anyway, not S1 3*.


Ok, hereby I deliver a proof.


Evidence? Ah, you’ve spoiled everything now.

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Trainer heros. Trainer heros. What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’…say it again.

ACTUALLY, that’s not vf true. As a beginning player, a 2, 3, & 4☆ trainer will work better then a 1 or 2 ☆ hero. Even a 3 star hero depending on how leveled the 3☆ is.


And an off colour 1* trainer is worth 1k
An off colour 2* trainer is worth 1.5k
An off colour 3* trainer is worth 2.5k
An off colour 4* trainer is worth 5k

An off colour vanilla 5* (not trainer) is worth 1.2k

Yeah I personally prefer a 2* trainer to another Quintus :laughing:

Yeah you’re completely right. Ascending heroes is completely useless, let’s have a bunch of 1.1 3*

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S1 epics are far from useless to new players. They allow them to complete rare quests, class trials, costume quests, challenge events and other high reward events essential to progress in the game. Any new player with long term goals should absolutely train and ascend a stable of S1 4* and aim to compete in tourneys, especially if they’re f2p.

If they have costumes though. A new f2p is too behind anyone right now. Emblems take a long time to farm, and if they want to go competitive, they need to spend on this game. And if they whale, it’s most likely they would get their share of premium heroes already. I can only think of a handful that’s still relevant in today’s meta.


I think it would be better if they (trainer) were available as a bonus pull in all events… Imagine wasting 350 gems for a trainers tht u will consume eventually… Not improvable.

No one said S1 4* are useless, even 3*
We are simply saying events is NOT where they get those 4* and 3* for the huge part.

I’m sure any newbie would be happier with a 3* trainer hero that will push their Grimm a few level highers than a duplicate Grimm, who will not do as nearly good. Or they should.


Imagine spending 350 gems in a Cyprian that you will eat the same way but for a much lower value. Which is the case of 99.99% of Cyprian heroes pulled in events.

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I agree with you. What I’m trying to say is that a trainer may be preferable to yet another 3☆. You can play it until you get that 4☆ and then feed the trainer when you don’t need it anymore.

And as @Max_paris says, trainer heros are more valuable than 1☆ and 2☆ heros when it comes to feeding. (Sorry if my paraphrasing your words is off track, Max.)


Actually that statement is not true. Any newbie would be glad to extend their 3* choices. There are plenty decent S1 3*, especially if the newbie in question had already acquired their costumes. In addition, S1 3* snipers are very valuable to a newbie in multiples.

So no, trainer heroes in event portals are not newbie friendly. Even with the % of the trainers now leaning heavily towards the 3* trainers, this is still a bad change.

I will link my own post from a few months back. I don’t know what qualifies as newbie, but this event with trainer heroes is every two months, if you doesn’t start in the month before the trainer portal challenge event, there already shouldn’t be the need to pull for 3* heroes. After around a month of playing you can start training your own 3* heroes. So many players will already have more 3* heroes, than they will probably lvl at the time when this event first appears for them.


Maybe you teach your newbies poorly. The ones I’m working with are happier when they eat a 3* trainer than when they eat a 4* vanilla S1, they actually realise their valuable heroes are growing faster and they are saving food.


My calculations show this:

Training a 3* hero (Through TC 12/13/20) requires 2 days.
During time you can train 24 feeder heroes using the TC11 option.
On average, this gives the equivalent of 8500 xp (on-color). A 3* trainer hero is worth 3000 xp (on-color).
So no, my friend. Your math is wrong on this one. A newbie can train himself feeders worth much more xp for the same time he could train a 3* hero. So for a newbie the 3* hero is way more valuable than a 3* trainer hero. Because if the newbie doesn’t want the 3* hero training, they may simply train 1* and 2* feeders worth way much more xp than a 3* trainer for the same amount of time.

Yes from a feeder XP point of view you are right.
But I would say if this person is f2p, they won’t get enough heroes at the beginning from the portal, so they have to train 3* heroes in their trainings camps. If they do it, they will get those 3* heroes and therefore don’t have the need to pull for them.

If the new player is paying, he will probably summon more heroes (3*,4* at least) than he can realistically level up, so in this situation there is also no disadvantage if he gets a trainer.

I mean, I get it if somebody hates 4* trainers, 4* heroes aren’t that easy to get for a longer time, but for 3* heroes I don’t really understand it, considering that it’s only one portal every 8 weeks


Can we step back for a sec and ask how it is that a new player is even doing a pull in a challenge portal? There have been a couple of references in the last few messages about 350 gems.

My base assumptions for discussion–

  • player is less than 2 months in game
  • player is f2p

It’s been a couple of years since I was a new player, but I don’t recall gems coming that easily. My alt account is f2p, two years old, and somewhere around level 60. I regularly get A and A+ on 8 and 9* titans. I’m hard-pressed to do a single 10-pull every 5 to 6 months and I’m probably pulling in 3x as many gems as a fresh-faced player.

The only way you can do a pull in a challenge event is 300-350 gems for a 1x or 10x Challenge coins (or 100 for story portals). Challenge coins require completing the challenge tracks and at 3 for Rare, that’s 4 months to your first pull. With the rewards from base building missions, you might get 300 gems in the first two months?

And two months is an interesting time period, not only because that’s the distance between affected events we’re talking about, but because that’s about the point players start getting their first 4* and 5* heroes – my main got an HOTM [Anzogh] in the first month, my alt pulled Justice within the first 6 weeks, probably off an EHT. And once that happens, newish players tend to start focusing on those rather than 3* [my alt alliance has seen lots of lv 5s].

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Everyone’s experience is different. I’d admit starting out I wouldn’t be able to get the coins to do the summons; however, I probably didn’t get my first 5* for about 5 months. 4* heroes probably didn’t come around for a few months after starting, but even then, I would concentrate on my existing and duplicate 3* heroes, and I was never short of those, so the idea that I would have wanted more from these portals, IF I had the roster to complete the challenge events, is kind of laughable.

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