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Oh Snap, trainer heroes are going to be in the Startfall Circus hero summoning portal. Thank you SG, I can’t wait to pull a trainer instead of a real playable hero. I would much rather have a Trainer Hero because they are a lot more versatile than a 3*, 4*, and 5* hero. I hope I get alot of them in my 10 pull, so I can put them on my defense teams for raids, raid tournaments, and wars. I’m so going to be kicking mad booty with them on my attack teams for raids, raid tournaments, wars, map stages, quests, trials, challenges & seasonal events, ninja tower, titans, and mythic titans. With Trainer Heroes on all of those teams I can’t lose. Watch out everyone cause it’s on popping now, especially once I collect all the Trainer Heroes I need to go mono. This also means I no longer have to buy Trainer Heroes from the store, special offers, or the goblin balloon. Nor do I have to play trials to get them or be bothered with creating them in Hero Academy. Thank you, thank you, thank you SG for letting me know that I should never again buy anything in this game. To all free players, I applaud all of you for seeing that this game ain’t worth a dime, all of you have great wisdom.

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That is utter nonsense and you would know it if you thought about it for half a minute. The percentage of event heroes in this portal is completely unaffected by the presence of trainer heroes. The filler heroes will still be predominantly s1 3* with a few 4* mixed in. If you’re seriously telling us that you are in a position to compete in this challenge event whilst still in need of s1 3* I find it very difficult to take that assertion seriously. And you’re going FTP because you might pull a trainer instead of good old Dawa? It’s one heck of a hill to die on. (Not that I have a problem with going FTP, it’s a sensible move. But the reasoning is… odd in this case.)

Hero Academy does have a trainer hero option so I’m not sure what you mean with the follow-up comment either. I also totally fail to see why introducing trainers is down to SG’s greed, because there is no way anyone is spending more money to avoid the possibility of getting one. Honestly, I can understand that not everyone finds it a positive move, but I totally cannot understand why you are so riled about it :confused:


It’s truly beyond me as to how trainer heroes belong in summoning portals that people spend money on. But they don’t belong in the free training camps or hero academy as a chance to get with any of those heroes. Shameless greed is the reason why you have a good idea that won’t be used because it’s not a profitable idea for SG.

Good luck with your Dawa’s you pull

It doesn’t effect on 5* heroes. It only effect 3* and 4* Season 1 heroes.
But now, in Starfall Circuss it is changed, and much harder to get trainer instead of 3* or 4* Season 1 heroes.

Be glad, they drastically reduced the odds of epic trainer. This way, instead of ascending quickly and cheaply the valuable heroes you have, you can be happy with another 1.1 Cyprian and rock the ninja tower again :slight_smile:


Just understanding what are your expenses and how long have you been in this game

Good Luck with your Dawa’s you pull since she’s still in all playable hero summoning portals except for the element she is not. Lol

Yup, oni stones have no effect on Cyprian, which is exactly why I never leveled her. Lol

And why S1 heroes belong in S2, S3, event etc. portals, where people spend to get S2, S3, event heroes and not an old S1 hero that is obtainable for free?

S1 heros from these portals are just a debris, it is basically telling you that you lost the lottery in a nice way and you can eat your loser reward now. Trainers at least make that “loser reward” a bit more valuable. Their presence does not impact at all anyone’s chances to get event or legendary hero. Chance to pull a new hero is same as it was. It only gives you chance that if you don’t pull it, at least you have a better consolation prize. It’s still just food you use for training, just gives you a lot more xp. I have literally no idea why so many folks just fail to understand it.


Please for one moment throw away “the chances of pulling”. That’s not really what I talked about. I’m talking about the game in a whole. Every player across the board. Why is it ok for SG to merge trainer heroes into a playable hero summons portal when the 2 are not of the same worth nor value. Trainer Heroes have only one purpose in the whole game. To assist in the leveling of a playable hero that is used for all of the activities I listed. Then add on the fact that there are more ways of getting a guaranteed trainer hero than an actual playable hero with in the game. As a consumer, can you honestly say that the 2 are the same? Are you really going to level up your hero roster a lot faster by summoning trainer heroes? Especially your 4* and 5* heroes that more importantly need non-playable 3* and 4* ascension mats? Last but not least, the original complaint was about the severely uneven amounts of xp given by playable heroes and trainer heroes. Players original said it wouldn’t be so bad to pull duplicate heroes if they gave more xp when you feed them away. Since we can still pull duplicate heroes, how does that fix the original problem? My sarcastic comment came from the frustration of, Why should any player except this as a solution when it’s wrong.

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Because they listen some of us, that: why we get too many feeder, why not put Trainer instead of another Dawa or Cyprian? So instead we get Dawa, we get 3* Trainer and so on.

But then, after some of us complaining Trainer in the Portal, they reduce chance of pulling specially 4* Training. So instead we get 4* Trainer, we have more chance to get Cyprian.


  • If there is an option to pick Trainer or Heroes, that will be great, so new player will still get the advantage to choose that heroes instead of Trainer, and if player think it is a dup (feeder), we can choose Trainer. Win-win solution I think. :muscle:

I asked more than that.

Sorry, I caught your edit late. I tapped liked because finally someone is taking about exactly what I mean. It’s not about individual personal preference, it’s about real solutions that work for all players. That’s why I don’t like the trainer heroes in the portal. How does that fix the lack of xp given by playable heroes vs. trainer heroes. That’s what we originally complained about. Pulling Dawa wouldn’t be so disgusting if she gave a reasonable amount of xp. Especially dupe 5s, it hurts to feed away a 5 hero, and mainly because of the sorry amount of xp given. Thank you Jinbatsu, I’m simply saying they didn’t really fix what asked for.


Plus I don’t know why people are hating on Dawa and other 3* heroes when those are the only heroes in the game that don’t require unfarmable ascension mats. So how are trainer heroes “oh so helpful” with the process of leveling up heroes when your waiting on ascension mats. More ascension chests in portals is more helpful than pulling trainer heroes since they are just a small fraction of the leveling process.

Nobody hates Dawa. She’s just shorthand for 3* fillers that you get in EVERY portal and therefore must have received more than you can ever want to use. I totally agree that 3* are something useful you can do while waiting for ascension materials, heck I even levelled Dawa herself just because her costume arrived, but once you’ve done that, what?

I can’t argue that more ascension items wouldn’t be nice, of course it would. However that is not at issue here. The choice is not trainer heroes vs mats; it’s a small number of 3* trainers in the mix vs all s1 3*, and an absolutely tiny number of 4* trainers vs the unfortunate Cyprian and his ilk. You stated you never even levelled yours (I did level mine, and his costume. Cyprian is male btw, not that it matters much when one is long dead). So you want an exclusive chance to pull heroes that you could in theory level up, even though you don’t. Still doesn’t make one iota of sense.

Because what can I realistically do with 3* heroes? Rare event, there I have my 5 mono teams and 3* tournaments. For tournaments I will never lvl more than two or three of the same hero and I already have most of the S1 3* heroes leveled (at least those I want).

So I don’t hate S1 3* heroes I just can’t use them for anything else than fodder, so I would really like to get a 3* trainer instead of a 3* S1 hero. I will feed both away, but the trainer gives more Xp, so more valuable for me.


The short answer is yes, for sure.

A 2* hero trainer will give more experience, 1800 points worth that any 5* hero 1440 of the same color.


The value of a 3* or 4* trainer is sooooo much higher than any S1 vanilla 3* or 4*

While this may not be true for player who just started, and so who still need to pull vanilla S1 3* and 4*, those players have very little chance to actually pull in those events.

So basically, for the very short term benefit of a tiny part of the player base, you actually managed to reduce the benefits of the vast majority of players.


Even if I would to restart the game and go f2p, I won’t want to train most of those epic S1 heroes unless it’s healers like Rigard.
And why would I want to compete in raids and tourneys as a new player in current times? You’ll be so far behind in roster and emblems what’s the point? Might as well go with the flow with 2* and 3* heroes until you get a hero of quality to train. And if I pull a trainer hero (even 10 trainer heroes) in my new acc or a bunch of useless S1 epics, they will be saved until someone worthy comes along. Aim for long term goals, not short termed.

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