Trainer Heroes in Event Portals -- Thoughts and Discussions

As a F2P, your heroes should be coming from the TC20. Every 2 days you’ll get your chance for 4 and 5 stars. You shouldn’t be dependent on these events to summon S1 heroes.


I’m F2P. And I’m sick of Li Xius and Grimms. Currently pulling them without a costume is not even exciting…


But TC takes a long while to be developed, why deny a chance to new F2P?
I’ve been running 4 TC20 for 1 year, and 2 almost constantly up until recently.
Yet my only Rigard showed up after almost 3 years into the game from a portal.

Obviously, if you have all the S1 your priorities change. But summons should change according to them and not be imposed to everybody.
That meaning:

  • I have all S1, why do I have to keep summoning them?
  • I don’t have all S1, why one of them has to become a [good] feeder?

I’ve already pointed out that new F2P are unlikely going to have the capability to actually summon at these portals because there’s essentially a minimum roster requirement to complete the challenge events to get enough coins to summon. By the time you get to the point that you have enough challenge coins, that’s at least 3 months into the game and you should have at least 1 TC20 which is producing >2* heroes every 2 days.

Everyone’s luck is different. Just about most of my S1 heroes came through the training camps. If I got some through portals, then it is likely after I’ve already gotten multiples.

Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re saying here.


I’m pointing out that if you have two dichotomic instances, addressing only one of them isn’t a great solution.
They could have let the players decide.

“Here’s your trainer hero, you can keep it like that or ascend it at a symbolic cost into a random hero of the same rarity and colour”

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! This guy would be happy with any three star hero at this point

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You think he would be able to get 10 challenge coins for a summons if he only has 2*s?


What the guy above wrote… Like people who need 3* don’t play events or pull in event portals.
And they are probably playing for a less than a month.

Back to the topic - I’d be happy to get more trainers instead of s1 in every portal. I’m currently needing a lot of feeders since I’m leveling 5 stars and every each one helps… I’m 2 levels away to get HA7.

P.s. you can get 3* via grey tokens


Yes. Rare as hen’s teeth, but they do happen sometimes.

The odds have been slightly adjusted now in V38 Update:

Note this still only seems to apply to Starfall Circus & League of Villains Challenge Events.

NOTE 2: There is still no change to the odds of getting an EVENT hero… NONE!!!

OP Updated to show the new portal odds.


What’s the point of introducing those trainers if you gonna nerf the numbers???
1% chance for epic trainer is an absolute joke.



I think they decided that your 300 gems (>=1.5$) not worth epic hero trainer :slight_smile:

I’ve a feeling they nerfed the 4star number to accommodate the complaints after the first run of it being unfair to newer players who might need that 4star hero more than a trainer. I dont agree with the viewpoint, but at least seems they are somewhat listening


I haven’t pulled a trainer in awhile. They remove or reduce appearance?

Check the entire thread… and blame the pitchfork guys…

Apparently people prefer to pull Tiburtuses and Hu Taos instead of epic trainers. :roll_eyes: Because they are sooo much needed and were nearly impossible to get in game when that change was introduced. :roll_eyes:

Anyways, I like that SG introduced this change while overall further increasing the odds for 3 star trainers. At least they gave something in return. Though the odds were imho fine in the first place, and I can’t see how even new players were losing on anything.

It’s only for the new challenge events… So Villains that happened once, and Circus that will happen in June.


I suspect that many lurkers are not aware roughly of the summoning odds like many forum posters are.

I can imagine that the average player just sees the addition of these trainer heroes in the challenge event portal, and immediately thinks they’ve added trainer heroes while diluting the odds for challenge event heroes. Right?

In order to prevent that happening again, it could be an idea to send quick in-game message: As per Release notes the summoning odds for epic/rare classic and trainer heroes have been adjusted. No change made to chance for challenge event heroes.

Otherwise, I’d expect some complaints on forum again.

There were some people in this very topic that despite having this literally explained to them, still say they don’t trust that and the odds are definitely diluted now.

I guess if you include this kind of people opinion in your considerations then you will never make it right.


Yes, some people just do not listen to reason, and double down on being incorrect. :rofl:

Well, you can’t please everyone. Look at what they’re doing to rare titans (changed it again, but fix is not great either. I will give them some credit for trying there).

What’s this change?? Reduce the odds of rare trainers, I need to pull more Dawas!

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