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Regular Dawa and Graymane are definitely not worthy to ascend. I have a maxed out early game Graymane, and despite he was of help, I wouldn’t ascend it now if I was in the same spot. I’d rather give my blue feeders to an off-color hero.

The point is, you aren’t always getting Dawas or Graymanes or other useless heroes out of a portal to justify the need to replace them all with trainer heroes. Most of the time in fact you get useful heroes. Useful for a beginner c2p or f2p at least. In addition, while there could be some merit to discussing 3* trainers, I completely am against even the slightest possibility of 4* trainers instead of S1 4* heroes.

So, I’m F2P, do I qualify to comment?
You have to be somewhat realistic as we’re talking about event portals. For someone who is just starting, and NOT spending money, they’re not going to summon from them period. There’s no way you can complete enough of the challenges with 2* heroes with a smattering of 3* heroes without item support which you won’t have the resources to use as you spend your time building your buildings. By the time you actually get enough coins to actually summon from these portals, you’ld likely already have a decent set of 3 and 4 star heroes. Think about S2 and S3, do you think you could collect 100 coins easily (going through 34 stages) without a decent set of heroes? You also have to consider WE limitations as well, as you don’t have a lot to start. Same with challenge events: they run once a month. Assuming you have a beginning roster of 2 and 3 stars, maybe you can finish the rare for 3 coins. Maybe not, I’m not going to run to find out. Epic challenge? Not likely. I remember going through at least 3 or 4 challenges before being able to complete the epic challenge at which point I’d have some 4 star heroes and unlikely to care about building up more 3 star heroes.
Basically, by the time you actually get the coins to summon, you’d probably already have a decent set of heroes from your TC, assuming you build up your building correctly.


Yeah and you said this yourself already. Why would I ‘use’ resources on a regular S1 vanilla 3* with no costume bonus that I’m not going to use it in the long run when I can wait for better ones that I’m going to use them more often and efficiently.

Yes and I agree, even some 4*s without costumes have their merits in this meta. But the thing is, you would rather pull in the costumes portal at this point. The only thing I won’t accept is if they add trainer heroes in the costume portals. Now that is too much for me.

I recently had to eat a couple of ascended to max 2* heroes and saw how much experience they gave me so there is a useful proposition to make everyone happy:

Don’t put trainers in challenge portal but rather make all of the S1 3* pulled from challenge portals ascended to the last tier and all S1 4* ascended to second tier.

That way if you use those for food, they will grant you almost the same xp as a trainer hero (at least the 3*). And at the same time, new players will be happy to pull even with money and not be disappointed from those ascended 3* who are of great help to a beginner.

That is a awesome idea and one where everyone would win. I’m no longer a noob per say but I do think about those just starting and remember my struggle as a vctp. I too at first started as a ftp but so became a cheap to play. I however don’t think small giant will ever implement this suggestion because truthful I don’t think they care about their players. There is alot that needs fixed but their focus is always on the portals trying to bring in more money not fixing area’s that would make this game more enjoyable for everyone. I see both sides of this coin and there are merits on both sides. Your suggestion is a stroke of genius but likely will fall on deaf ears but thanks for the food for thought, really is a good idea that satisfies everyone!!!

Your logic has some merit and I understand your points but as you can read on this forum not everyone is for trainer’s in portals and I happen to be one of those. Can we agree that both sides have valid points and that we must agree to disagree? Not all three stars are worthless. Like the above mentioned.

I just checked.

Ascended to last tier 3* hero gives 4500+ xp to an on-color hero, whereas a 3* trainer gives only 3000 xp.
Ascended to second tier 3* hero gives a bit less than a 3* trainer.

Didn’t check with 4* since I currently have no 4* trainers but I guess that the percentages are the same.

So the whales will be actuallymuch more happy pulling a 3* hero ascended to the last tier than a 3* trainer.

Sure. My point is not to use scenarios that aren’t realistic (or very unlikely) to justify your point. It’s just that people are saying, “think of the newbies” without being realistic of their situation or defining what a newbie is.

Are all 3 stars worthless? No, and that was never my point. My point is by the time you actually have the coins to summon at these portals, it’s very likely that you’ll already have a collection of 3 and 4 stars.

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