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And if the newbie is smart, he keep that trainer hero and feed it to his other mains

Please don’t reply to me with a half quote, that’s simply not a discussion. I clearly said Villain event in that sentence. So that’s not evidence, especially when I and every player in this game can and have already done that.

I would HAPPILY vote for trainers in every portal apart Elemental/Epic/Costumes: all events, s2-4, even daily summons.
I am using HA specifically to get more of those tasty beefed up trainer guys as I am currently leveling a lot of 5* and every better feeder counts.

Again, you want classic heroes? You can build up FOUR training camps. Happy building!


Building TCs takes months.
I was overjoyed by receiving my first 4* (and I almost quit after waiting 6 months for the necessary hidden blades to ascend it, but it’s a known fact I’m particularly lucky).

While it’s true that eventually you will get all the 4* (but it took me more than 2 years to get my first Rigard), the problem is all in that adverb: eventually a lot of people quit.

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Exactly! I would much rather have a fully beefed up any level trainer, than another Dawa or bleeping Carver


Excuse me, but I used my challenge coins in event summon and got a 4* star trainer hero! I request my coins back!!

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It’s not a bug, you might find this thread interesting:

Could be easily found by using the search function. :wink:

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It is not a bug, here is the thread discussion about Trainer on Portal since League of Villains in Feb 2021:
Trainer Heroes in Event Portals – Thoughts and Discussions

The impact is only Season 1 3* and 4* hero.
So instead we get Dawa, we have chance to get 3* Trainer.
And instead we get Cyprian, we have small chance to get 4* Trainer.

That’s it, no other change to have chance on Event heroes, 5* heroes including season 1 and events.


I’ll glady swap the greymane I pulled for a good trainer hero.


I know I spend money on the game but this is a scam. Did a 10 pull and got 3 trainer heros that is bs. Not ok with this

Then don’t pull on portals that have chances for trainer heroes if you hate getting them.

I hate getting S1 heroes from portals, yet they are in each and every one. So I don’t even have a choice. You do, lol.


Please stay polite in this forum, it’s mostly just other players trying to help, while sitting in the very same boat. :wink:

Actually, a trainer hero gives you more XP when you feed it to another hero. Let’s be serious, if i have the choice whether I get the 837th Dawa or a trainer hero… No need to even complete this sentence.
I guess there’ll be only very few players out there that would prefer Dawa, Bane, Ulmer…

However, good luck in your future summons. :vulcan_salute:



Looks like a positive to me!

Mark Twain said it best, so I don’t have to:
"...they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."


Just curious, What is your progress currently? As @MuadDib has presented to you, the percentages for event heroes have not changed. Only the S1 rates have been affected. To get 3 trainer heroes is already consider lucky to many
You were just unlucky and didn’t get an event hero

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Would be nice if they replace all the classic heroes with rare and epic trainer heroes in event summon portals. At least they’re good for leveling heroes quick and I can save some ham.


The portals containing trainer heroes are not for those of us, who are new to the game, and still want the regular heroes.

I would advice you to use your summons elsewhere. I am. Because I know I will be rather frustrated, if I get a trainer hero, after spending hours upon hours gathering the coins to do a summon.

I will still echo what I said, when this got implemented.

Give us a choice.

That way both new and old players are more satisfied.

We get it. All these new events, new heroes, new Season. It’s to keep your long term players engaged. Yet I see no reason, that both player segments cannot be heard and seen at the same time.

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When the 1% pop Up…

And the one you get is… Epic Trainer Hero instead of Legendary Event Hero :joy::joy::joy:

@CHENZ, yes it is… lol :sweat_smile: but it is acually the same as all event portal before.
To make it simple we compare to Teltoc portal…

1st case
Teltoc Portal: we have chance to get Cyprian, and we get Cyprian
Circus Portal: we have chance to get Cyprian, but filtered small (1%) chance to get 4* trainer instead.

Lucky case
Teltoc Portal: we have chance to get Panther, we get Panther
Circus Portal: we have chance to get Emilio, we get Emilio
There are no change on those odd.

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Anything that’s S1 from these portals is considered a loss. Be glad that they have not touched any percentage rates for event heroes. While I understand why people think like that, it is honestly a short term goal to want to just get any hero in these event portals. We should all be aiming for those event 5*s.

By giving trainers in the portals, it is a choice for older players to improve their roster faster. Same goes to newer players
It’s a slippery slope of an argument at this point. The older players hate seeing another dawa/renfeld in their pulls, while the new players hate seeing a trainer hero in their pulls. So who shall SG pander to, hmm…

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I agree, but it’s only add more disappoinment… (Or maybe just me)
Eventhough nothing change from getting the Legendary Event Heroes.

It’s like when 10 pools get you S1 and *4 Trainer Hero…
We might wish that *4 Trainer is Legendary Event Hero instead of that. lol with the same % tho.

Probably they should just make it up to 5% instead and lower on S1 Heroes Chance

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