Trainer heroes from t.c's


Hi everyone, i was wondering what y’all think about the possibility of t.c.#2(or 3) producing 1* or maybe even 2* trainer heroes, and t.c. > #3 (maybe 14&20?) Being able to produce 3*&4* trainer heroes?


Definitely got my vote


Seen that idea already somewhere here


I disagree. Way too powerful, or would require a massive number of recruits. Most TC levels are churning out feeders, not cards to be fed. It doesn’t make sense that some TC level would short-circuit this grind.


The grind seems to be based on a 10-15 year cycle… How about speed up what is available and release new heroes to level up to compete / beat the level 70 vs level 70 that will occur.


Guin has to go down eventually?