Trainer Hero - should I use to feed?

I have a Trainer Hero I summoned early in the game. He’s my strongest RED hero. He’s been in my team since the first area of the map. He’s maxed in level and ascension. My question is: I also have several TWO STAR heroes, Farid and Jill. Should I keep using Trainer Hero as a fighter or should I concentrate on up-peveling Farid? I have a bunch of ONE STAR heroes I could feed Farid PLUS the trainer. Any advice? Is it worth it to wait to encounter a THREE STAR hero to use the trainer on? I’m only in region 6 and I’m now waiting to be at higher level to move forward. I’m still too weak.

Don’t waste a trainer on a 2*. You will ultimately not need any 2* heroes.

Keep him - use him to fight if he’s stronger than the others you have . Then feed him to someone more worthy when they come along


Yep yep hang onto him a while :slight_smile:

I had a 3* trainer hero as my go to blue hero for a nice long while when I first started :slight_smile:



I generally don’t like using as a feeder any hero (or trainer) that I’ve ‘invested’ feeder heroes into. The reason is is that you lose the VAST majority of exp that you’ve put in. I’m not sure of the exact percentage but I know it’s in the 90th percentile. You are better served by holding onto that maxed trainer and feed with unleveled troops. As for the other heroes, your short-to-medium range goal should be acquiring and max ascending 3* heroes. If I were you, I would try to snare EVERY summon token you can get your hands on, silver or gold. This will help in building your 3* team. Best of luck to you!


Thanks so much! This game and community rule. One more thing: I have like 15 1* and 2* heroes. Should I pick a 2* and up-level and ascend or just save them all for the right 3* to come along and keep using my trainer to fight?

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I would choose the second option. Reason being, is soon you won’t be using 2s at all any more and I would save my feeders for a 3. Ultimately, I would be looking to max a 3* in each color and only use that particular color feeder for each particular color hero. You get a nice 20% exp bonus for using on-color feeders, and it gives you double the % to raise special skill. Obviously, youre not to that point yet, but you will be soon. Later :grinning: oh, one more thing…when you get to the point of having multiple 3*s, that is the time to max more than one in each color as you will be using them for quite some time. And the standard caveat, this is only my OPINION and some may not agree.

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:kissing_heart: thanks so much. I figured I should save them.

There is so much RNG to the game that I’d almost advise you to go ahead and level a 2* - yes blasphemy I know =).

In my own case I’m level 18, been playing just shy of 4 weeks, and am just breaking into map area 13. I JUST got a 3* red. Because I was sitting on so many red feeders I went ahead and just about maxed Sharon fairly early on (whatever the red healer name is) and as time passed went ahead and leveled Farid (sp?) since I never pulled a red attacker. In the mean time I pulled the 2* yellow healer panda /shrug (which prompted leveling the 2* red attacker). At some point it IS a waste of food as these heroes will be discarded but I was really just playing the hand I was dealt.

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@Lila_Ann went a crazy long time using Olaf as her Blue hero… she had him fully leveled.

I think she also had Sharon fully leveled.

I had pretty good luck in getting my rainbow 3* team pretty quickly :slight_smile:

But yeah I think in the long run… it won’t hurt to level. 2* some. It might be suboptimal technically, but may improve the game experience at the beginning so that has some value I think