Trainer camp

Tc 20 …run please …don’t give me 4* skittle …I already have 4 time …what ■■■■ you doing 4* hero so little only in the games…

You post this in Bugs & Issues, but you are not reporting any bugs. What is the bug here?

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TC20 has 5% odds for a 5*. It is better than the summons. Skittleskull is not a bug, she is a beautiful goblin.


I got 4 time skittle…3 time melandor …use diamond 3000 get 3* x7 4X3 …3 in 10 time diamond get 3X2 same …sorry I didn’t enjoy your game … already a year plus …I got so many double and triple …4 thanks for your stupid game …I already uninstall already …4* hero really so little look like round in 10 4* hero…no need to reply back …hope other player will enjoy your stupid game

The OP would like this thread to be closed. Thank you.

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Closing per request of OP.