Train Elite random generator is damaged


The level 13 train camp training have random generator heavily damaged.

I have tried 2 camps in parallel for more than one month (37 tries total) and gain no one 4*

This means that random value is heavily damaged, I assume about 10%-25% but gain less than 1.5% or possible even less!
Comparing the train level 10 effectiveness it is real bug in random generator (1.5% instead of 15%).

This should be solved otherwise this camp level is useless!


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I used two TC13’s for 36 days before receiving one 4*. In the two weeks after that, I received 3 more.

I think the heroes do come, but it’s different for everyone. I’m much more interested in the TC20, tbh.


I was at around 1/70 and then pulled 4 more by the time I hit like 90 and shut it down to move to TC20. RNG can be very tricky…

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I use TC13 to get 3* teams that I want. Not really hope to get 4*. Once I got all the 3*, I will shutdown TC13 to train fodder and start to rush toward TC20, with a much higher rate for 4*,and a chance of 5*. Training TC13 just to get the same 3* is a waste of food/recruit.

That said, I did get 1 4* from +/- 10 trainings.

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Based on 1,001 draws in TC20, it appears that there is a 6% chance of drawing a 5* hero there. Let’s suppose that TC13 has the same odds of getting a 4*. If so, there are 10% odds of not drawing a 4* over 37 draws (0.94^37). So you were unlucky but not bizarrely so.

There has been a great discussion about SG doing something to reduce the odds of long strings of bad luck, but until then, march on to TC20.

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This “Random” is a joke…
Me and my girlfriend started this game 6months ago, we have the same lvl buildings and etc. (My acc 31lvl, hers 33lvl)
We have not spent any money on the crystals, however now:
my team: three 4 star titans and three 4 star troops;
my girlfriend team: FOURTEEN 4 start titans and FIVE 4 start troops.

14 vs 3 - Ridiculous!
your Random is a joke!
Will not even try spending any £££ on this

Wow, those results seem, well, “random”.