Train camp

For over 2 years of training camp 20, had only Khagan,Elena and Mariana once!!!
What’s wrong with my profile?

2 years of tc20 gives 365 summons. 5% chance for a legendary is ~18. If you only got unique heroes you wouldn’t have every season one hero.

Many would consider no duplicate khagan to be a blessing.

Is it not 183 summons? TC20 takes 2 days to train a hero, so it would be 9 5* heroes, at a 5% chance. With the possibillitie of getting dupes, it is not surprising to only get Khagan, Elena and Mariana.

Oh, misread the 2 years, somehow I was thinkig only in a year. My bad

For almost 4 years of playing, haven’t got any blue 5* heroe, or HOTM. I wonder what’s wrong with mine :slight_smile:

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