Train at Jabberwock as you work your way up our alliance family, We finally have openings again!

:dragon_face: Jabberwock :dragon_face:

Jabberwock is our training alliance of the Bandersnatch Family (which is now 3 alliances!) Our new alliance has allowed for us to have Availability again! Come start your journey with us and see why we have been so successful as a large group of 75 players!

Team Power: 2800+
Trophies: 1200+
Titan requirements: Hit 7* | 8* titans daily 3x ( we measure activity! )
War: Optional, Use all flags if participating!
We stay connected using Discord!

2400 TP
800 + cups
Not ready for war yet but I hit those titans
Need to be on a team that gives a ----
Don’t have Discord but have checked it out

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@Hog No problem at all I think we will be a good fit, you can certainly grow here!

We raised cups to 600 as we are growing and want to have same size players here!

Jabberwock is set up for players on the rise, who have gotten started in the game and looking for a spot to grow - The alliance is easy going and is based around participation. This is a great spot to learn, train and grow your teams for Bandersnatch. Our Discord community gives you the ability to get feedback from Bandersnatch members and help along the way.

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We are growing at a rapid pace we have won 4 of our last 6 wars, with yesterdays loss being by 81 points. Come join us now before we are filled up. :smile:

Hi, does all of the members contribute toward Titans, as my current Alliance we are only aboit 6 to 8 that attack, that means we are not able to beat anny 6star Titans.

@Ddvr All members contribute towards hitting the titans

We are on a nice hot streak war chest is now 21/25 come help us get the win and crack open the war chest on Wednesday!

Our per member avg is 1000 cups, we are looking for like sized players!

How many spots do you have left? Looking to join an alliance with two others.

@Kataray we have 5 spots available currently. We would love to take on some more players!

Jabberwock has won 5 of the last 7 wars, We have a solid Discord Community with both Jabberwock and Bandersnatch which makes this alliance a great spot to train, you can get help when & where you need it. We just opened up our war chest so its a great time to join as we have a new war chest to fill!

We have Room for 6 players. Currently at 70878 alliance score.

We are introducing war strategy here to be closer aligned with Bandersnatch (120k alliance score) the alliance we train for. We have now won 6 of the last 8 wars. Join us, Learn and grow here with a great group of players! Our Discord Server has both alliances connected get help when you need it. See you in the game!

consider us if your on the move after this weekends war.

We are 2-0 under the war strategy that Bandersnatch uses. We have been pulling off upset win after win and been on a hot streak! we have won 5 of our last 7! if your starting to ramp up in playing and looking to learn and grow at a great pace this is the spot!

I’m hoping we are full by end of week! :smile:

We have recently adopted war strategy here and we have been on a hot streak since! Come see what we are doing and grow with us. We are the training alliance of Bandersnatch who is a 125K alliance. We always have their help if needed for Questions, Merc, War strategy. We use Discord, and encourage all members to connect with us on there.

Tomorrow is week 3 of war strategy. We have been inviting a Bandersnatch member to help teach and get everyone on the fast track for war and its going well! We have an amazing discord server that both alliances use. We are seeing about 200 messages per day on the server, get answers to your questions with a fast turnaround. we are chatty and I promise you will get better at a rapid pace!

Trophies were recently increased to 1200 to ensure we are getting same sized players with our avg. trophy score. if your not there yet but interested: reply to this ad or message me and I can adjust the requirements to make exceptions as needed!

We been on a good run of 7* titans, we need a few more members to join to help us get 8* under our belt!

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Bump!!! Looking for more players! 600 cups get you in! come get some!

Are you still fighting 6 and 7* titans?
As group will you be using harpoons?

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