Trail Magick


We are former members of the Purple Ninja Squirrels; the leadership there went South. So we took a bit of time off and we came back and started a new alliance. So our a new alliance has a leadership that is devoted to the game and to growing this new alliance. If you are a beginner or a veteran and want to enjoy an active chatty alliance come on by.

We have a system of leadership that allows everyone to have an equal say. It’s “5 x 5 x 5”. Meaning when you join you are promoted to Co-Leader. If a member goes inactive without saying anything to another member of leadership the system starts. If a member goes inactive for 5 days they are demoted from Co-Leader to Elder, if inactive for 5 additional days a second demotion takes place from Elder to Member, and finally if inactive for a final 5 days the member is kicked from the alliance.

These are more of what you would call guidelines as opposed to rules.

  • Hit the Titans
  • Fight in Alliance Wars
  • Check in regularly
  • If you want time off just let us know

Come on by and check us out.

We are open to all, well…until we are filled. Have a great day.

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