Trading your unwanted heroes for a gem fee

If we could exchange our heros straight across to another player for a gem fee everybody wins. Im sure many people become oversaturated with so many copies of a hero it would be nice to have another option besides feeding it to another hero or storing it. I would gladly pay 1000 gems to exchange a legendary hero for a different hero, from a fellow player. Looking at it from a developers perspective, adding this option is likely to minimally impact the rate of paid summons. To make up for that slight decline the company receives gems from 2 players for 2 already owned heroes. Potentially, the company would have a financial gain , while making many people happy to finally have an ability to get the hero they desire. Does any one else have an idea or a way to expand on this?

May be you want to check SG’s latest response on this subject.

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Thank you i overlooked that one

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I offerd same idea long ago and many players refused it.
So Devs refused it.
And they moved it ti some trading topic.
As the will do same eith yours.

Look here

Thats too bad, gonna have to figure out why people dont like the idea. Only reason i can think of is limiting heroes amongst players. In other words people dont want other people having additional access to extremely rare high powered heroes

Because they have to figure out a way to keep it from being abused and exploited by people creating alliances full of feeder accounts to send everything good to 1 main account


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