Trading won't make the game better

For the longest time people have been asking for trading. A way to get rid of their duplicate heroes. And after the clusterfest that is “Hero Academy” I’ve seen more people ask for trading. Here’s my opinion on this:

  1. Trading heroes won’t solve anything. People can create new accounts using their invite codes. Then level up those accounts to 5 (which is really easy) and get a 10 day vip on that account, which yields 300 gems. Combined with the rewards you get early game, it’s not hard to get 700 gems in 10 days. Which means 2 pulls on Atlantis. Now imagine doing this with like 50 accounts (which not unreasonable when you consider the time and effort we already put in to the game to get the 10th Khagan) which means 100 Atlantis summons. You might get a lucky pull and then give that sweet Atlantis hero to your main. Adding the requirement of only trading 5* still wouldn’t solve anything because I would gladly give a Khagan for Ursena.

  2. Trading ascension mats won’t solve anything. Because again I can just create 100 accounts and watch Mystic Vision on all of them. Shouldn’t be unreasonable to expect at least one mat from 100 Mystic Visions. Only being able to trade mats with other mats still won’t solve anything because I can just give those Damascus Blades for Telescopes or whatever. And those Damascus Blades will be waiting in that account for when I need them back.

  3. Adding a marketplace or whatever won’t solve anything. Let’s say I wanna sell my Khagan and Telluria. Should they be the same price? Or should Telluria worth more? What determines their price? Let’s say they put a set price of 5000 gems for Telluria and a set price of 500 gems for Khagan. Wouldn’t this be admitting that even though they are both legendary heroes Telluria is 10 times better than Khagan? I mean we all already know this. But wouldn’t this mean that they are admitting that they are not doing a good job at keeping the game balanced? And making them all same price would mean you either undervalue Telluria or overvalue Khagan. Now they could make this something like an auction. Let’s say I wanna sell a hero. I set 500 gems as starting value. And let’s say it lasts for 7 days. So during that 7 days people come and raise their offer and race with each other to buy it. But then you’ll just be widening the gap between P2P and F2P.

So I feel like adding trading or a marketplace would introduce more problems than solutions.

The best option for duplicates still seem like retiring a hero for a return. Some people say they should yield their elements ascension mats. But this would widen the gap between older players and newer players since older players will have a lot of duplicates. While it may sound like it makes sense to reward older players. It actually doesn’t benefit older players aswell. Because it will be harder to introduce new players to the game which will lead to game’s inevitable death.

So the logical thing to do (to me at least) would be to give something like 200-250 gems for a classic 5* and something like 400-500 gems for others.

Anyway I made this far longer than it needed to be.

What are you guys’ opinions on this? Let’s discuss and maybe find a way to make the game better. Not that they’ll listen anyway. But one can hope.


Retirement for gems to get nothing again? No, thx.

All other points have been stated multiple times.


Player to player trading has been ruled out by the Devs so you’re good


It would, but it will never happen because it will cost the devs money. Marketplace will never happen for the same reason.


Trading will make the game vulnerable to gambling and black market.

That is why the dev promised us HA as a replacement.

However the current HA is a far cry compared to trading.

Who want to sacrifice their event/HotM for classic 5*???

Furthermore the HA only address 5* dupes, nothing for 3*/4*.

@KiraSG @Petri


Exactly. All trading does is created a secondary market. Since a HOTM can be obtained repeatably this is so open to abuse it’s unreal.

You missed Gravemaker…you really want him. How much would you be prepared to pay? £100? £200?

Now if I got 10 of them for £500 of summons I could easily double or triple my money.

I like the idea but other than it only being available for alliance members who have been together for over a year there’s no way it can be implemented and not be open to some level of abuse


Just an opinion, I think The alliance should have the option to give their dedicated members their duplicate heroes to help build a stronger alliance

That would be exploitable for account trading.

Just create an alt account in the alliance. When you get excess hero while chasing heroes, dump them to alt then sell them.


actually there are games I’ve played where the market place or trading post was an improvement. Helped the players and the game makers made money while players got the options of trading dupes for needed items. I even tried explaining a couple of times in the forums but no one listened. SG keeps making it harder while the games I refer are still climbing.


What about retirement for emblems?

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It’s weird because you spend time identifying problems but stop short of identifying solutions.

For the marketplace you can do things such as:

  • limit the amount of heroes who can be “purchased” to 1 per year.
  • yes, all heroes are sold for a set price. Current year HOTM, past year hotm, new Event heroes, old event heroes, all get lumped in together. Khagan can then be a flat 1000, and Telly / Vela / Noor 5000 without problem
  • an auction would be bad for everyone. Let’s not do that

As mentioned above, trading or a marketplace will never happen because 1) SG said so / 2) they said so because it’ll cost them money.

That it’ll cost them money, to me, is the strongest evidence that it’d be better for most players.

Anywho, dead issue because it was never gonna happen.

Trying to pee in the dreams of those who want to make believe of a better game is silly though. Proposing problems without talking about possible solutions and their barriers is silly. There are solutions, and some of them might have holes that are eventually uncovered , but it’d still be an improvement for most gamers.

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All trading will do is create a secondary black market for heroes and items

All the ways you can think of to stop that just make it harder and harder to actually trade.

So the best way to stop that is just not have the function in game.

Disagree. Players have a very small number of heroes they REALLY want AND don’t already have. My wife really covets Seshat, for example. She doesn’t want or need EVERY hero. So yes, restrictions might decrease the value of the market for some people. But who cares. That doesn’t make it useless.

Here’s an easy example of how SG could make the market very hard to exploit:

Players can only sell duplicate heroes, SG gets 50% of gems sell price- the price is pre determined (per my above post). Players can sell a max of 1 hero every 6 months. If the hero is not purchased within 48 hours of being listed they can be recalled a new hero listed instead.

Players can only purchase one hero from market in a rolling twelve months.


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As is your right.

But here is what will happen.

Player A really wants a Telluria

Player B has a spare Telluria

Player A asks what Player B wants as a trade.

Player B says $300

Player A considers how much it will cost when Telluria finally hits a portal and thinks that’s actually a good deal and pays it. Trade happens.

There is nothing you can do to prevent this.

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Adding a restriction that requires players to be in the same alliance for a month goes a LONG way to eliminating the issues you mention for #1 and 2.

But as @JonahTheBard mentioned, it’s been ruled out anyway.

And as @yelnats_24 said, the devs already said they would provide a solution, and then failed to deliver it.

At this point I expect the duplicate “solution” will be similar to what you suggest… but more like 50 gems for a duplicate 5* classic.

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And SG won’t ever allow a sale portal. It’s not how the game works so the only thing they will ever do is the Hero Academy where you can put a hero into the oven and hope it comes out as the hero you wanted.

Expecting them to allow you to just buy the hero you want…well, people in hell want ice water as they say.


I’m sorry but what’s wrong with that? I literally care 0% if some guy makes a deal to sell his gm to someone who at least gets to choose how much they pay, instead of dropping 200$ On random summon chances to only be disappointed. Seriously, but just make it so players can buy and sell hero copies in the game in a market place for real money and SGG takes 10% off the top, or 50% even. Who cares.

There are people all over the world who buy trading card packs, open them all up(take the risk), then sell their reward for taking that risk.

Just put the ability to sell heroes into the game, along with trading then the “black market” is controlled by SGG. They could even attach the markets current value of a particular hero to it, so players have an idea of how valuable they are.

There are so many players who have spent thousands on this game. Letting them sell it back to the community and SGG takes a part of the profit would give players a way to trade, and give people a version of pity counters in the game all at the same time.

An additional edit, you could even set it up so you can only get in game currency(gems) if we’re really all that concerned about people making money.

Or set a market cap of 200$ on any 1 hero.

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Because you never bought the hero in the first place. I know this is something you’ve never really gotten your head around in the various Telluria threads but you got Telluria as a bonus summon.

Telluria therefore was something you actually got for free.

We can, and probably will, argue this point until the end of time but adding a secondary market will never happen. So whether it’s good idea or not is a moot point.

But in a game that can already drag people into making stupid financial decisions I don’t want to see someone who got a Telluria for free (like I actually did…I got 3 from various free summons) selling it for $500 to someone who dropping $1000 trying to get her.


Preset prices.

That’s already in my list of things to do.

All Telly’s would be listed together, so you wouldn’t know who you’re buying off of anyway.

Yes…but people will just say they need more to be paypalled to them. You know, like that’s how secondary black markets work…

This isn’t like the sticker collecting in Steam…you can’t apply a dynamic pricing model so if SGG said Telluria was worth say $100 and I decide that’s too cheap then I don’t sell it at that price.

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