Trading with alliance members and adding friends

I would like the feature to be able to trade with your fellow alliance members. Say there is a hero or battle item or ingredient that you don’t want but someone else does and vice versa, I would love the option to be able to trade. I think it would add a little more of a RPG feel to the game and make it feel like more of a video game. I like the idea of being able to add friends and trade with those friends as well.
Vote if you agree and tell me your thoughts! Thanks!
Play on! :space_invader:

@Gilesmela Trading with alliance members is a profoundly popular request, with a very long thread for consolidating the comments, ideas, and support:

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Lol I see that now that I’ve posted it! As soon as I posted it, I started scrolling through past threads and saw many players requesting the same thing. Thanks :smile:

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