Trading or selling of heros

I know this how been brought up time and time again, please read this with an open mind.

I’ll open saying we all have that 5* hero that is evading us, no matter how many tries for him/her your not gonna get em. Totally been there and still there so I open my idea of selling a hero to a fellow alliance member. Below is the basic concept and I’ll further explain my idea.

-The trade/summon cost (300 gems as an idea)
-An agreement between the buyer and the seller of which hero is to be sold in game.
-Certain rules preventing Alliance hoppers just buying 5* war teams.

The Seller of the hero should be able to agree in game, with the buyer so the buyer knows that they are going to receive the hero they want and not an Aife as a really messed up prank. And in this idea, instead of the seller receiving the gems, the gems are simply sent back to the game like it would with a normal summon. SG would still make their money, gems have to be acquired in order to make the trade. As for rules, let’s say, must be a certain level, have been in the alliance 100 days, and maybe even, can only sell/buy 1 hero every month. The hero will be received as a Lvl 1, completely unleveled, even if it was sold at 4/80, 4/70, 3/50 and so on.

This perspective still leaves room for doing a ton of Summons. I have 2 Mikis I dont necessarily need…and I have a lvl 37 in my Alliance who is free to play and has 0 5* heros…I can sell him 1, and for 30 days neither of us can buy or sell another hero from members. Only summons.

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