Trading of heroes

This really needs to be implemented, if for nothing else than keeping people from leaving…

The only luck I’ve ever had at the summon gate is panther. Aside from that I’ve pulled Richard and Elkanen, and a couple of quintus and I’ve now made well over 100 pulls

I was frustrated at never getting hotm and thought ok… can’t conplain if I don’t spend… I understand the whole gacha thing, but I’ve had about 30 less pulls than an alliance mate over June, July and August, yet he pulled three gravemakers, four Greg’s and four drakes.

I’d be ok with the luck if there was some facility to trade and help alliance mates out, but I’m now at a point where I do feel kinda cheated on not having any luck. I realise it’s luck and rng, and I know lots of people have had the same complaints as I have now, but I can’t help but feel cheated.

Random is random and odds are odds, but such similar circumstances see an alliance mate pull 11 hotm in the space I can’t pull one! Its ridiculous and so frustrating!

(FYI he has also managed King Arthur, panther, falcon, Merlin, Handel and Gretel and my event heroes have only been panther and two Lancelot - exact same amount of pulls at each event)

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