Trading higher star items in for lower star items

I see lots of ideas of trading between players but figure that is likely an implementation problem. But what about a system where you can trade your own items for others? To make it impact the player only allow them to trade down in stars…like trading a four star ascension item in for a three star ascension item.

Just curious but why would you want to trade a much rarer ascension item for a more common one? 3* will come eventually (unless you’re like me, could we at least get shields / orbs added to a training tools type thing for when we get desperate?), the 4* ascension loots are the gatekeepers to the end-game if you care about such in it’s current state.

I would certainly trade a few of the 4* ascension items for 3 star ones. I only have two 5 star heroes, a lot of my 4star ascension items I have are useless to me because they are specific to 5 star heroes that I don’t have and likely won’t have for ever or a long time. But I have lots of four star heroes and a huge need to compasses and gloves to ascend them

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I have way more 2* items than 1* like practice swords and backpacks. I’f I could get more of those I would do it.

I’d also consider trading a 4* in for 3* as well for like gloves seeing or something like that.

I could see trading a 5* down for (multiple?) 4*, if I completely lacked the ascension items for that 5*. Maybe. I think.

Nah, I’d keep the 5* while collecting 4*’s in the hope that ONE DAY I’d finish it! :grin:

Definitely great idea