Trading for Lv. 4 and 5 Hero's

I’m just wondering how hard would it be to get some kind of Hero trade option going. Some of us have been playing along time and have tons of level 4 and 5 Hero’s that r just sitting around collecting dust. Why cant we have some kind space in the shop that trades lv. 4-5 star Hero’s, just don’t make the trades so unbelievable 1 sided that it’s really not worth it. Every 3 or 4 days change up who u can trade for and make it open for all Hero’s form all realms.

It will come…

It will come for the 5 star heroes via the Hero Academy but it’s resource and time costly.
And the chance of getting a hero you want or better than the hero you want to swap is quite slim.
And as far as things go I don’t think they have included anything in the last version to swap out 4 star

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