Trading / Fighting function in Profiles

  1. I want level up my Heros,
    but last time i get the wrong Colors only.
    So i think it can be useful to trade heros between players.

  2. I want play PvP for Fun, but i am tired of spendings tons of Food for an not overpowered opponent. It’s a lilttle frustrating!

So i have think about for a [trading] and [fight] button in Playerprofile to send requests.
*PvP-Requests have no effect to Trophys


I don’t think they will introduce trading, as it will shift the game into an entirely different (unintended?) direction.

There is no need for a PVP button; we have one now: [Raid]

(I’d like Raid to match us more closely with our targets, but that’s really my only comment.)