Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


Not the same…

But not 11 hotm worth of difference!


After summoning yet another Little John and Cyprian I completely agree that without a mechanism of sharing heroes with others (within alliance or globally) the whole system looks too unbalanced. Feeding 4* or 5* heroes looks savage, keep them - useless, since you hardly can ascend and use 5 identical heroes. Other team members lacks for any 4* or 5* and this stops or at least slows down an overall alliance progress.


Yeah I’m done.

Based on reading things here, people seem more disenchanted than ever since the release of season two, between seemingly misleading or lower than implied drop rates of heroes from the summon, high world energy costs just to play, and higher than ever drop rates of regular season one three stars at a higher price…

No more $


Side note, mate pulled a fifth drake overnight off a coin from elemental chest


Maybe they could implement a way to trade one hero in a month. Maybe they don’t want that we can trade heroes als the time but one hero each month could be allright?


This would be abused just like in every other game where the option has been made available. So, you say only once a month. That means that only once a month could someone sell a hero to the highest bidder. Nice. Its not going to happen. If it does, it’s probably the beginning of the end.


What do you mean by selling to the highest bidder? I would like an example :slight_smile:


Here is an example of what would happen if Heroes were able to be “Gifted” to another player even only once a Month.

Ok, The 1st of the New month has passed and you sold off a hero last month around this time, so you are now eligible to sell off another one. Its time. You advertise on whatever site is currently the site of choice for selling/bartering/trading E&P heroes. You find your customer. Said customer then comes to join your alliance, because you can only “Gift” heroes to Alliance Mates but you must wait one more day before you can sell him your Hero because you sold the last one on the 2nd of the Month the month before.

Your customer hangs out until the allotted time. You make certain that the money has been received and you “Gift” the hero that customer desires to him/her. Excellent, you didn’t need that extra Hel anyway and now you have the money for 4 more Atlantis summons. Who knows how much profit you’ll make off of that?

This is why “Gifting” heroes to anyone in the game will never be permitted.


Is that ok that I am bying 6th hero for 300diamonds An i get 6th Bane. What Is the problem with this game


Hero trading just 1x per month and just for another hero. Would that be ok? The exchange is only possible with alliance mates who are part of the alliance since 3 days or a month?


Multiple accounts bro, and also you literally start a new season of alliances with complementary duplicates heroes.

I know that if we have to dream, we have to dream high.
But that’s just utopian.


Sure, Trade Hel for Sharan and $300 cash sent through a 3rd party site. I’m sure that would work out just fine for profiteers.


Could never be a cash trade. Would have to be a 1 for 1 trade. Wont happen unless SG can make money off of it though. It could probably be a thing like both players agree to the trade and each pays SG a $10 trade fee. Should be $5, but we know how expensive SG charges for everything.


You do know what I mean by 3rd party site right? It is a site outside of the game and not connected to E&P at all. A chat dedicated to the purchase transfer of heroes. Then another 3rd Party site like Paypal where money can exchange hands outside of any control by E&P.

This has happened in other games. Once the money has exchanged hands, then the players can fulfill whatever stipulations E&P would require to make the trade happen.

There really are no “What ifs” that can stop it from happening once hero trades are made viable in game.

This can happen, This will happen and this has happened in other games. This is why player trades will never occur here.


Ok, I see the problems. Maybe you can’t trade the heroes directly. You can put a specific hero in a “machine” and make a request for a specific hero you want and when somebody else has this hero and wants your hero than the exchange can happen?


That would not work. I could say put up Thorne for Tarlak. Nobody is going to take that trade except the person I have paid to accept that trade. You don’t need to have a specific person to person trade to do trades for money.

Even if you could find a way that would work it’s not going to happen. Look at how many tries players are willing to pay for to get a specific hero and end up with doubles instead. Trading hero’s would let people get what they want much cheaper. If SG wants players to get hero’s cheaper all they would have to do is increase drop rate.


Well, if we’re talking about players with duplicate heroes wanting to be generous to fellow alliance mates, here’s a sound option:

Provide an Alliance mailbox system whereby a fee in gems is charged for its use.

Let’s say SG fixes the price on the heroes. Example:

  • Ultra rare 5* heroes (HoTM, challenge events, Atlantis, etc) - 2000 gems
  • Legendary 5* heroes - 1200 gems
  • Ultra rare 4* heroes (challenge events, Atlantis, etc) - 800 gems
  • Epic 4* heroes - 500 gems
  • Any 3* hero - 300 gems

Person who gifts pops the hero in to the mailbox. Person who receives looks at his mail, pays the full amount of gems required and receives the said hero. The gems go to the postal service, i.e. the developers of the game.

Person offering the hero gets nothing out of this except the highest gratitude from his/her alliance mate(s). (It is afterall you being generous to your friends and alliance mates for the good of the game as well as your alliance.)

Person receiving the gift gains a hero he/she has been yearning for since the start of the game.

Small Giant still gets buyers paying for gems for such a transaction.


I absolutely agree that players-to-players can have choice to trade heroes between others. This look like car racing that we can buy/exchange parts to improve their teams.

If you play championship manager football you can also buy/sell players that you did not want in market.


What about some in-game monthly thing like a trading caravan that comes by (basically an event) that allows you to trade items with members of your alliance in a limited capacity? For example each member would be able to send or receive one 4* item and two 3* items during the course of the event, and if they don’t want 4s being directly traded for 3s, then say u must trade a 4* item to get a 4* item, and same with the 3* items. The only affect trading suggestions like this have on the game are just to keep everyone’s inventories more balanced. Someone in my alliance is level 30 and just recently got their FIRST magic orb EVER even though they have between 6-10 of the other items of the same rarity. I mean, sure…the rare quests that populate ever week or so give you one 3* item and one 4* item if you’re strong enough to win them, but the grind to get to that level of competence is grueling (as is needing so many ascension items for one ascension), and there are no other guaranteed ways of getting a specific ascension item unless you’re one of the top 100 players in the world when the epic quest rolls around.


I’m sorry if someone has already suggested this, I tried to read as much of the thread as a could.

If trading heroes becomes a thing, when the player receives their new hero, it should start back at 1/1. That could help reduce farming and allow newer players to get heroes they would have less access for and keep alliances from gaining advantage in wars right before the war because they have one or two high powered allies that trade all of their duplicates for the battles, and then even trade back? Making matchups harder.

Example: someone in my alliance has two Wus 2/15 and 4/40. They trade their 2/15 Wu for 2 3* heroes and some gems, Wu drops to 1/1 so he has to be leveled back up to where he was which takes time, resources, and ascension items the new owner may not have yet.

I think this would also make it nicer to allow trading of 5* heroes. Perhaps there could be a “no backsies” rule put in place as well. Not sure how hard that would be to code in.