Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


I’m not after ascension items those will work themselves out eventually I’m ok with that but let me move on from my 3500+ training manuals. I would gladly do 2 for 1 in rugged cloths packs or swords


adding this to the thread already in progress on this topic. Scroll up to see other ideas and official posts.


Just make an alliance pawn shop already.

I have played other games where you can donate excess resources or items for alliance points.
Then you can use those alliance points to buy whatever that is available at the alliance.

In this case, the resources are heroes/AMs/crafting materials in exchange for gems/points.
Prefer for it to be non-purchasable points rather than gems.
I don’t mind if the AMs or Heroes require tons of points but at the very least we know it is possible to achieve with a lot of hardwork.

For example:
1* items can be exchanged for 1 point
2* items can be exchanged for 10 points
3* items can be exchanged for 20 points

Those points can be exchanged for:
3* ascension material for 5000 points
4* ascension material for 20000 points

Higher level Heroes/AM/CM within the alliance shop can only be obtainable via higher alliance levels (total trophy count + titans killed + AW wins)
This would give people motivation to improve their alliances.
Alliance shop only provides heroes that are available from Training Camps.
Special heroes (like event heroes or HoTM) can only be obtained from member donations.

This sort of system would also provide motivation for players to grind levels and continue playing the game. At least this would remove certain form of insecurity of spending money and effort for very poor returns. Most players in this forum is unhappy due to poor returns on investment (time and money).

I hope some sort of system mentioned above would be put into consideration by the developers.


Just trying to keep this thread alive and hopefully the developers will take in the ideas given within this thread.


When will it work and why we need facility for doing it ? For a members it must be spesific. For example i want to share my resorces whit a member, sharing hero with member b. Can’t it be like that ?


Because a simple system will become an abused system. Players will roll up alts, getting all the goodies they can and then gifting/trading them to their main account.


Totally agreed and after having been part of this topic for while now have thought about it many times over and abuse of accounts is the main reason this couldn’t work as well as SG losing out and as this is such a big issue to everyone here is another option which may work for both parties.

First of all lets start with the alliances themselves;
Becoming a leader (starting an allience) would cost 500gems. This way not just anyone and everyone can start one up as it is currently.

Farming items; each individual swap of an item costs 100 gems from each player to SG.

Ascension items; each individual swap costs 500gems to SG

Heros; based on amount of stars would cost for each swap (example ) 3* x 500 gems, 4* x 1200 gems and a 5* x 1800 gems to SG from both parties.

Each hero would revert back to it’s original basic level.

Abuse rate; yes there may still be abuse but greatly diminished as each transaction for a 5* (for example) would yield SG 3600 gems. If a player wants to spend that amount of money for a single specific hero then they deserve the right to do so and it’s all in SG’s favour. Not forgetting that they then have to relevel/ascend each hero from scratch.

How many players do you see spending hundreds of dollars per account so they can transfer heros within there own accounts? And for the the few that are able or prepared to do so then where’s SG’s issue in wanting to stop them as they profit in every way.

This system also stops beginners and F2p players from benefiting unless they spend money or save up every gem they earn in the game, if they do they have earned it.

This idea may sound hasrh but it does do what the players want only at a cost. Those not happy with this idea would only be players who would abuse the system for thier own gain.

Players pay the current gem costs as it stands today for a random hero, by making something like this available you would be providing what every player wants ( an alliance trade store) without the loss of income to yourselves (in fact it would increase) without giving any player greater advantages unless thier massive big spenders (which is what you want anyway and those players would already be spending heaps now anyway ) but in actual fact will be spending more if their to trade from within different accounts they may own ( again you win).

This is only an alternative option to the currently requested options to date.

Thanks for reading


Im writing this thirth time and have not any answer yet. Sharing resorces and troops and heroes is the topic. Sahring between alliences could be possible ? Or when will it be posdible.


The answer from SG, last I heard, was that no trading system between players is planned. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t listening to ideas, but that they haven’t found one they like, at least publicly.


No trade will come. Would kill their cash cow. No vote from me. Vote for realistic Things…Blacksmith-Alchlab for example


Keridocc are you from SG ? İf you are not why are you replying? İf you are one of them tell me will it be or not. Simple …


SG doesn’t usually reply to each question. They have answered this one, though, months ago, and I gave you that answer.


Thanks a lot then kerridoc. But certinaty is my requirement. That the whya ı asked the question have a good day to you kerridoc.


Would love the swop function but with certain rules. but i can seen issues with wars with mass swops happening

  1. Only 1 item/hero per week
  2. 50gems per person swopping
  3. Only within alliance


That’s is a bit extreme. Why not make it simple. 5* hero for 5* hero. Hero of the month for a hero of the month. Same on ascession items. Star for star. Materials same goes. If your upgrading add a few gems iron or ham. Maybe a 1 or 2* hero for food. Don’t have to be greedy about it. Face it not everybody has everything everywhere.


I’m kind of on the fence with this one, and I’ll tell you why:
I’m holding an extra Gregorian… my wife is holding an extra Delihla.
We would LOVE to be able to trade those with each other.

However, I can also see, with reading this thread, how many ways trading can be exploited. It really boils down into to scenarios:

  1. Trading would be allowed with low, or even no, cost whatsoever between alliance members…

  2. Trading would be allowed with LARGE cost of gems so that SG makes a profit twice on the same heroes or mat’s.

Either of these, in my opinion, is an epically bad idea.
The first, would be beyond exploited by people who have, or would create, multilpe accounts within an SG and trade everything to a main character…
The second… who really wants to pay for a card/mat that you already paid for? Most of the posts I’ve read on here that include a gem cost aren’t adding in that someone already paid for that card/mat with gems to get it. Afterall, anyone ever snag a Gregorian from TC20? So, SG has already made it’s gems on that card, asking players to BOTH pay for that card, again, is double-dipping.

Sadly, for both players and SG, the idea of a trading house in this game really does NOT work. Not even going into the coding, but the cost of development isn’t going to offset the cost in player dollars. F2P’s will not use a trading house that requires a large gem cost to trade cards/mat’s… and P2W’s will swap around cards/mats like addicts, since they already buy gems to begin with.

Reality is, a trading house, as much as I would absolutely love to have one, just isn’t going to work if it’s player to player.

Now… it WOULD work if SG maintained it and allowed you to trade off mat’s that you’ve earned in game for a small amount of gems. That would give F2P’s a chance at higher level cards/mats but wouldn’t offset the game, nor modify anything for P2W’s and their current buying schedules. But a player to player trading system, no matter how you figure it, would imbalance the game in one way or the other, no matter how you look at implementing it.


We should be able to trade amongst our alliance members toe help each other grow and work together more as a team


Talking like this only means you are nieve to seeing the problem.

Allience trading can never work but a site wide trading store would as SG would then be able to set specific gem costs to purchase each item and all heros would get downgraded back to basic level.

The only question left here is,

1, what does the donor receive in return by SG.
2, if items/Hero’s are to be swapped, should it be star for star.
3, should they be instant trades or accepted by each player (accepted by each player would again create/allow abuse)
4, How much is each trade worth, should the cost be divided between the 2 trading, should SG profit from the store.
5, are players allowed to put anything in the store or it duplicate heros.
6, should they own so many of a particular ascension item or ingredient before being allowed to trade them.

The questions are vast, the implementation and maintenance control of any such a store is time consuming for the devs and it wouldn’t stop players asking for alliance only trades because the bottom line here is abuse and that’s all these players really want to be able to do with the exception of a few who would actually really help out others.


My idea to create new building like a market in citadel for exchanging your sources for other. For example 10 pcs 1* for 1 pcs of 2*, or 5pcs of 2* for 1pcs if 3*. Etc. Between equal sources it could be 3 pcs price for another. Like in game Heroes of might and magic.


So to remember …