Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


I explained it already.


2000 gems is like buying a brandnew hero. the only difference is ull surely get the hero u wanted 100%.


I personally have no problem spending money on this game, lord knows I have, but there are numerous members in my alliance that either prefer not to or can not afford to.
We would love to see gifting and/or trading of items, resources and especially heroes. But not for gems.
I personally would be willing to gift some of the duplicates that I have/get to the others in my alliance to help them get going.


Isn’t trading hero easily exploitable using multiple new account and summon hero with the free gem (new account get gem faster from missions, anyone remember the starting gem of new account?)?


I agree I think you should be able to trade within an Alliance, A 5* for a 5* and items for items.


I like the idea but it should b a twice a year or maybe 3 possibly times where on a given weekend alliance teammates can trade items. It’s a nice way to say to the community that we appreciate u and hey u can make some improvements without spending tons of time or money. But it should b a rare event.



Now this sounds fair for the average player.


Here’s the deal. There are big money spenders that chase specific heroes and obtain large amounts of overlapping heroes. (Example: Trying to pull for Guin and getting 5 Arthurs in the process). So what does the player do? There is no possible way for that player to level all 5 of those heroes, and its very hard to just use them to feed another hero. So they sit on 4 of these heroes in hopes that someday they can get some type of value in return.

Offering player trading would solve this issue from a revenue stream this game makes the most on. If it isn’t solved quickly, more players will rage quit causing huge revenue loss.

I get that this can be abused, but this could easily be solved by making the trade cost a specific amount of gems from both parties trading. This will eliminate black market trading, IMO.