Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


The trading option - in wich way ever - is the most frequently asked feature. I wonder why the SG team doesn´t think about it…


I think they should allow you to trade heroes with your alliance members. So members have double heroes they might want to trade

Guaranteed 5* hero in a 10x summon

Many members of my team are agree with this


I see this idea as a great one but to do this it should require the cost of gems to activate it.bigger the item,the more it costs in gems to start.this would work on items or heroes keeps the game flowing,and small giant will gain probably more money from purchases for gems.its a win win scenario both for the gamers and the company.I agree with this


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I rhink trading only makes sense, if it is pissible to realky trade everything. It’s not just about collecting high ranked heroes, sometimes it’s morr impirtant to get an ascending item or special troops.
But I just had another idea… Why not combine the trading idea with the training area idea? So the seller and the buyer both have an offer and they can do a battle wich decides who gets the offer of the other one?


Many on my alliance have mentioned that they wish they could trade between alliance members. One I’d like to see is a way to see instantly who’s on line like we can on the battlefield. When we’re in war mood I always check that to see if anyone I need to chat with is on line


Echange between players could be cool or not.
I don t want see a young player lost a good heroes just because someone say him something wrong (but in his personnal interest …)

I prefer echange with game to prevent abusives propositions.
Example 1 every week we have a heroes proposition (sartana …) in market and we could “buy” her by echange others heroes.
Example 2 you could destroy heroes and obtains something to craft another heroes (like cards system blizzard hearthstone)


Pokémon GO solves this and the Black Market with the Friend system.

TL;DR- Best friends give the easiest/ cheapest trades.

Best friends have to fight X wars/ Y titans/ Z raids together where. Each time you do you get +1 friendship ( max +1 per day), need 90 friendship for Best friends ( little more complicated, but the gist).

Plus limit one 5* hero trade per day per account.


trading between players should never happen. I’m not sure if you read some of the posts here but a lot of players think that people who spent a little bit and received a hero means that they are miraculously instabetter than everyone else which is just so far from the truth it’s laughable.

any trade function that would be alliance wide would

A. make top alliances completely unbeatable forever

B. cause large sense of butthurt when people gift things to their friends and not the people who are actually doing the work.

C. leads to alliance hopping and overall bad teamwork all around as I know some people dont wanna believe this, but some gamers are complete pricks and con artists.

there are people with a surplus of everything and the minute a trade system was installed we would have the most lopsided wars ever…

it doesn’t just take money it takes time and patience it get heroes to said levels. dedication and practice to reap the full benefits of any hero u receive no matter the star level and this hard work almost always gets diminished with false preaching of such and such is so good just because they have said hero.

any trade system sadlynwull benefit the paying players way more than the ftp and they will never win a war again which will start the rage quit section of how unfair it is said alliance has 28 guins 28 gravemakers.l


Good idea trading… but it should definitely have limits. 2 maybe 3 no more of “1 item trade tokens” a month which are purchased through gems And tokens only work for members in a alliance 12 days plus. This will stop some alliance jumping but open up for teams that could use a member for titan hits. And I like a challenge and not scared of stronger teams so none of that matters to me but we all are different. And if someone wants to chance going to another alliance just to trade and they don’t trade you AFTER 12 days then that’s on you obviously. Live and learn.


I like to suggest a new idea that trading extra Heroes and ascension materials who have within Alliance members. Because some members do not have decent heroes in their hero roster to face raids, Battles, Wars. Etc… and some are missing the ascension items and waiting to complete the hero level up. The sad thing is members losing their interest to play the game and inactive in the Alliance because of these reasons. If this trading system introduced then members can help each other rather than waiting six weeks to get one ascension item or waiting to get nice heroes.
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@Narada82 There’s an existing extremely extensive thread on this topic where you can add your ideas. :slight_smile:


I would love to have this ability, especially for F2P alliances. It would allow people to create a better team overall.



Hi I have been playing for some time now and getting frustrated at the lack of ascension materials I am getting to upgrade my heroes. There needs to be a trading system between alliance members of crafting system to upgrade materials/resources and not jus battle items.Even after I pay for featured items in the shop, I’m still not guaranteed or the items I’m after . I have over 600 rugged clothes but can’t get 1 compass… come on guys sort it out starting to be annoying…


Will not happen because of possible abuse.


I wonder, what abuse would that be?

I don’t think it would be a problem if they allowed some very limited trading. For instance, unfarmable 3* ascension mats would only be tradeable for another 3* unfarmable ascension material (not a 4* one and only one by one). Same for 4* mats.

The only reason I see not to implement this is SG numbers might get down a little.

But then again, I am wondering if I am missing something.


This has benn discussed before.

Easyiest way to abuse is ptw players form an alliance to trade ascencion mats which ruins the game because ascencion mats are a ptw brake. At least to a certain extnt.


You’re missing the existence of multiple accounts. Farm on the dummies, transfer the good stuff to the main account… enough of a headache to stop that SG seems to want to avoid the whole issue. Then there’s trading outside the game channels, using Paypal and the like for money transfers, and then the chance of SG being blamed for letting any cheating and scams happen… even if the player who was scammed did something stupid…
Of course refusing to allow trade also encourages the spending of more money, but the potential for creative abuse is one heck of a good reason to simply not go down that track.


True… i never even thought of trading outside of the game… I can understand why they don’t want to go down the trading path, but a crafting for items could work… get sick of the pay to play games…