Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


Yeah but for that to work with SG it would be Marjana + a 15.000 gems fee (that wouldn’t go to you, of course)


IMHO the best would be to avoid player’s interactions and follow Hearthstone’s crafting system with numbers tweaked for our hero generation.

For core heroes at least… a friend of mine that have played more than me just got Grimm the last month and still have to find Kiril, for example.
And such changes would help with building War’s bench depth of everyone.


My suggestion is not to lock them into an alliance. I would still allow them to be kicked out. They just could not join another alliance for a set amount of time.


The problem is that if they can be kicked out, then all they have to do to avoid it is ask to be kicked after the trade - in which case the lock-in might just as well not exist since it’d be so easily bypassed.


For me my goal would be to keep people from Alliance hopping just to trade. In other words, leave their alliance, go to a different one make a trade and immediately go back to their original alliance or a different one then where they traded. The alliance could still kick the out if they are not participating but they could not join another alliance until the trade time is up. This will also help keep people with multiple accounts from abusing as much.


SGG i can understand, that you will lose if there would be trading in this game, because people would trade the hotm which they want and had no need to summon.

But if you give us a hero market, where we can sell our heroes, it will be a win win.

People can sell their Christmas, Halloween heroes for 100k gems.

Event heroes und season 2 heroes like guin, or tarlak for 50k gems.

Hotms for 25k gems.

Tc 20 heroes for 2600gems each and so on.

People who wants to buy These heroes must buy gems. The guy who sold his hero will get the gems and can summon with these gems in the Future.

Everybody will be happy. The seller, the buyer und YOU SGG.


i would love the trade to be implemented, with regulations of course, to prevent abuse.
according to the heroes, i would use the account level to control that. something like lv 1-20 can only trade heroes of 1*,2* and 3* . 20-30 can trade up to 4* heroes and +30 can trade any hero. it could be in the same alliance of which you have been a member for at least 60 days. only 1 hero can be traded per month and a traded hero become locked for 90 days in wich you can’t trade it. (random time values for a general idea)
according to the items I think they should not be traded between players, but a sistem where you can trade 3 to 1 for example 3 orb of magic for 1 warm cape.

ps: i know they prob never implement trade. what i mean is that it would be awesome and it can be regulated to prevent exploits and some examples. sorry in advance for my english.


I was just talking about having the trade feature last night. That would be one more plusand closer to being an MMORPG


I doubt anybody would spend that many gems for a single hero. 100k gems is over 300 summons.


I would love the idea of trading items. A lot of items are hard to find and trading with team members would probably be easier and would help my heroes grow faster


what about an alliance trading where members of an alliance could trade amongst each other? it could be another tab (like titans…wars…etc) or pull-down menu in the alliance pages that would allow members to access a “trading post” (or whatever)…?? this would allow members of each alliance to help one another to buold better teams&to spread out resources while keeping a limit on trading by only allowing members to trade. this would be a great help for players that cannot get good heroes, and would not lose revenue for s•g-someone paid for those heroes that were getting traded! it would help the ‘fairness’ of the game as well since some ppl are waaay luckier than others. i think all the members of my alliance would agree!!


It is an interesting concept but the way I think game should work, it should be authorized players who will have a option to sell and buy items, Like a Holy dealer, Dark Dealer Blue dealer and Dealer who got them all. In China there is a project with 20 million active everyday players, just because they did it like in a real life, people can make a money in a game not only donate, with this option I guarantee you that my friends would start playing it too, I’m looking more towards cooperating and work for this project. Please contact me directly, best regards Audi Boy


There needs to be a good inventory screen. It does not even pertain to trade, but it is hard to give advice on teams when you cannot see another players roster!!!


Also, players should be able to post an offer globally. Like 3 rings for 3 darts and leave the offer up untill its taken…


I was just thinking instead of trading between players, who not trade items for gems.
Example: I have 4095 common herbs, which i’m not getting rid of it seems.
I’m not sure what they are worth, but lets say ten herbs for 1 gem is a fair trade i think.


Is there a possibility to have the option in future releases to “give” heroes to members in your own Alliance? Like 5* heroes and so on?

I mean that would be great opportunity to help your teammembers!


excuse my bad english but it’s not my main language.i don’t like the ideea of trading materials since they’re allways need them,even if you don’t need them right at that moment so it’s better to keep them then trade them and cry for them later.i’m not sure about hero trading either but this is my idea although i don’t know if anything like this was said or not.
it could be an extra building or just another tab in the alliance page,but it should be available to alliances for players over a certain lvl and are in that alliance for at least 30 days,that way there would be no “hit and run”.i don’t know if you would call this a bazar,a market or trading with the game but as an example- i have two vivica,one wich i don’t want or need…i don’t like the idea of feeding her to another hero,cause it’s a 5 star and are hard enough to come by…so i take vivica to this building/tab and trade her for hero shards/coins(or whatever you would like to call them).i trade vivica for 150 shards and she will remain there for a max of 5 days for another player to buy with 300 shards,if no one buys the hero,it will disapear.this way i get something for a hero i don’t need or want and another alliance member has the chance to get the hero they allways wanted.of course all heroes have to be lvl 1 with no ascension,you will get 150 shards for a 5* hero and 70 shards for a 4*hero regardless of it’s rarity(HoTM,events).shards are available by trade or alliance related activities such as titans and wars or bought in special offers like loot tickets. i remind you that this is my idea,please feel free to contribute or modify


I thank they should let us trade it would make it a better game

Trading Heroes in alliances

I thank they should let us trade but I dont see it because the want people to spend money it would be very nice if they would make the game way better I thank


I think that they should make it where we could even trade food and iron amongst alliance members