Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


@Rigs I’d be for that on ownership of multiple accounts. As long as there was a way the developer could link your accounts I wouldn’t mind since your only helping yourself after grinding already :slight_smile:


You dont compete with other players in the game?


What do you mean? Afraid I’m little confused on that question. This game is designed for Pvp, so in a way I would say I compete. Little clarification please since were discussing leveling heros… :slight_smile:


I personally like the idea of being able to trade within an alliance. Maybe food and iron on a level based quota, Ascension items between near equal members +/- 2 levels.


adding this thread to the trading topic already in progress.


I was just wondering if it would be a very good idea if we could swap players on Alliance teams for those who have multiple same players.


Not sure what you’re suggesting, but what I THINK you mean is the ability to swap heroes with other alliance members. Is that correct?

If so, this is a favorite request from the player base but SG is currently not working on that. Here is a link to the most recent list of features SG is considering and those ruled out. Good reading and may give you ideas :smile:


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I’d like to second this! Even if there’s no global market for trading and selling things, just the ability to trade within an alliance would be fantastic. I have four Zimkitha, and I’d like to be able to help out my alliance mates by trading with them. Please let it happen, SG!


I made this suggestion on facebook aswell, but then joined the forums and saw this topic, so here to go.
New building (active only when you belong to an alliance) Marketplace. The marketplace enables trading of materials between alliance members. Level of the marketplace sets the limit of how much stuff you can have stuff on sale/how much stuff you can buy. Putting food/iron up for a sale, you input trading fee (I’m going to use 20% in my example). When one buys something from the marketplace the payment is taxed same way.

So for example. Player 1 puts 500k iron for sale. 100k is taken from that 500k as trading fee. Player 2 sees that player one is selling 400k iron, cost is 500k food (same as the original amount of iron put up for sale). When the trade is finished 100k food is “taxed” from the food so both parties get 400k of wanted material.

So after the trade has happened, player 1 has 400k of food in his marketplace storage. He must draw it to his normal storage to be able to use it.

Size of the marketplace storage /level is also up for the developer as is the trading fee.
Maybe you could have more than one building of this type?

The trading is possible only between same alliance members. Perhaps you could have x “friend alliances” which you can expand the trades to, but with higher taxrate.


I like this idea, to trade items though the alliance. I was just asking the team this last night. I have plenty of ascension items, of the same type but not able to get the items to ascend my hero. I’m sure other players are in the same predicament. To be able trade away overstock items for the items you really need, would be a great feature.


Bit to continue with marketplace. every 5 levels you can also trade ascension items ( 1* at 5, 2* at 10 and so on). It takes 2 of the items to put up one for sale, and 2 of the item to purchase one. (both parties get one item). you can trade max marketplace lvl of items/day.


The marketplace that you are talking about, is that something you build on your base? Also I play this game on my phone, do I have to play on another device like a tablet to get the marketplace?


It is a suggesyion for a new building type, not in a game


@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky

My suggestion would be for SG to create a whole new “Gem” strictly for being used as transfer fees.

Make them non buyable and only received through in game rewards somehow? Possibly titan loot or rare quests? That way a player would not be able to “buy” the gems.

Maybe even have traded heroes be flagged to have 2-5%?? less max stats or whatever % is appropriate? That way earned heroes are a tad bit stronger than traded heroes? Would be easy enough for SG to create dupe hero cards with lower max stats to be used when aqquired through trades (of course i could be and prolly am mistaken about how easy it is).

Anyway that’s a few of my thoughts on trading.

Thanks for reading!


I agree that trading should only be done within an alliance. SG needs to control equality of trade. IE cannot trade a HOTM for a Zayla. Also would suggest when a trade has been made within an Alliance, neither player could join a different alliance for three months. This will keep people from alliance jumping just to trade. I also like a previous suggestion that traded Heroes would not have same power as non traded heroes. The idea of charging for a trade could help stem abuse also.
I personally am not as concerned about trading Hereos as trading materials. I believe SG should allow in Alliance trading for materials again with built in limits accounting for rarity of item. IE cannot trade a Damascus blade for a practice blade. If trading for materials, I would say a person could not join a different Alliance for 2 months. Again avoiding Alliance jumping just to gain materials.


I like this! While I believe trading between players is an interesting idea, it would most assuredly be exploited. But a trading post to turn excess items into other needed items is a great idea. Nice graphics and well thought out BTW.


I’m not sure if I like being locked into an alliance for x months after trading, but I have no problem at all being required to belong to said alliance for x weeks prior to said trade(s).

I’m undecided whether I want transactions to have an actual cost. I don’t want F2P to be locked out of trading, but I don’t want unlimited trading and gem costs would limit abuse methinks.

Agree that traded items should have the same value.

Lastly, I would insist that traded heroes have exactly the same power as untraded… otherwise why bother? :wink:


Locking people into an alliance after a trade strikes me as an abusable issue. All a troll or troublemaker would have to do is make a trade, then they would be unkickable no matter what they did until the timer runs out.
If they could be kicked, then that would defeat the purpose of having a lock into the alliance.


Why not a trademarket ?
We put a heroes (only unleveled or trade do a reset level) and trade choice.

I have 2 magni unleveled. I put magni in trademarket with choice “marjana”.
Other player have many marjana unleveled. He select my proposition and give a marjana and he receive a magni.
I receive marjana in my mail box “Someone had accepted your trade. Receive your new heroes”

Same with items.