Trading ascending items between teammates on your personal team

So we had an open discussion earlier on my team. The talk was about a store opening to where a player could buy individual ascending items verses being able to trade currently owned ascending items to your teammate to help the team as a whole. There was many pro’s and con’s. But ultimately there was more that agreed trading ascending items between teammates would be a benifit.

The developers have already said that any form of inter player trading is unlikely because it would be too easy to exploit. You’d have whole alliances of bot farmer accounts feeding items to one main account

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Well what about buying them?

You can’t buy them on a mini and ship them to a main, so no issues there

I wouldn’t mind buying them but but they would have to set up a shop part the same way the one already set up is for the refill on our lives or battle items is. This way people might buy more considering they need those items. And the company can still make a profit. But they could set it up to where it men’s individually are only released at certain levels of accomplishments.

That was means not men’s

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