Trading 5 *s for costumes

It would be great if there was a feature that allowed us to trade 2 season 1 5s for the costume of that hero, just the costume. That way when I get my 3rd season 1 5 but only have enough ascension materials for 1 I could end up with the costume version and bonus and actually get some long term use out of tc 20!


I like this idea! There is some use for dupe S1 heroes with HA10, but this would be another nice option.

Hmm, I like the idea too. But as I have said on previous good ideas, could you please explain how that feature makes SG any money?

Costumes, like many other things, are largely behind a paywall, especially the five star ones. Admittedly of all of the Summon gates it probably allows the most free pulls, but still SG places little value on dupe 5s, especially season 1 fives, so they’re happy if you keep them or feed them away.

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