Trade within allia

My problem is; you often get crap roll of the dice…and loads of heroes you already have. Why not create an in allia tradeshop. Where you can “swap” heroes you don’t need. It also helps peeps from quitting the game out of frustration beginners in particular and binds your members more to the allia…people will be more motivated to be active longer in game. You still need food and iron to LVL up heroes. And the shop should come with a gem pay system. Where maybe 10% of the trade off is for empires and puzzles?

Been ruled out for now.

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Ok didn’t see the shortlist.
Lot of stuff happening that is positive…but is it all for our benefit or yours?? No offence but your avatars store is completely out of context with 1200 gems for a single avatars…if all your ideas are going to be this insane…ill hold my breath and see tons of people stop the game.

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This is also being talked about already:

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Ok unfortunately all issues I’m dealing with 90 % of forum is also dealing with…you can do two things now…right…change the game to benefit the players or don’t. Remain the way you are.
Or try to listen to underlying problem of the game. Using your ears and really listening are two different things. Ears you get at birth.
The game had changed drastically last couple of months and I can assure you not for the better. Loots are crap draws of tokens is crap. Ascension items are not rare you just don’t get them unless you spend at least a 1000 dollars on the game…which is a faux pas of the greatest kind. Your losing terrain to other simular games. Wanna know why?? LISTEN TO YOUR FANBASE LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS AND DONT LISTEN TO YOUR WALLET.

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