Trade token

I think that a lot of people want the ability to trade in game.
How about introducing a trade token, that could be won in game from loot. This would allow players to trade but not abuse the system. The trade could be a hero or assention item or an equivalent level.

I know I know, wanting the option to trade is not a new idea… but to make it more fair (and not have some experienced player give a newbie a ton of extra 5*)…

What if there is a trade portal where you need 3 Trade Portal Tokens (TPT) to trade a 3*, 5 TPTs to trade a 4*, and 10 TPTs to trade a 5*.

You can make the TPT an item that’s difficult to obtain so people aren’t trading wayyyy too much too quickly.

It can be set up like you can only put one of your heroes (level up for more slots?) in the portal with guidelines saying i am willing to trade this for ___ hero and wait to see if you get any offers. Or you can explore the portal and see other people’s offers too!

I love this idea, ppl still gonna moan if trading tokens hard to get but sound fair to me ! At least ppl gonna have good think what to traid. Good idea,hope u will be heard :wink:

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Thanks :blush:

Yeah, i feel like if you make it difficult enough where getting 10 TPTs to trade a 5* is as difficult as getting both a Damascus blade and a Tome then I don’t think it would be too OP.

It would make you really think hard about who you want to trade and what you want to get for it if you’d have to wait months just to trade one 5*

It’s gonna be too expensive for game to do that, but hey let’s hope lol

With how much money this game makes, I’d be hard pressed to find that adding in a trading function would put them in the red… especially if the trading portal would make them even more money since people would definitely pay for deals if an TPT was included

Oh they defo can’t complain about making money lol !!! Every single time when in chat ppl is talking about wishing to trade lol hope u will get more votes and something good gonna come up from it lol :flushed:

Pretty sure that the new buildings - hero academy and alchemy Lab are gonna have this covered.

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