Trade in Reset Emblems

As the title suggests I propose a way to trade in reset emblems for other emblems or something else. I’m not sure about any of you, but I’ve used one since this game started producing them and now I have 16. I’m not sure if the developers over estimated how quickly class emblems would accumulate, but the number of regular to reset just doesn’t add up. I mean, if I were to reset all the heroes I have right now, I’d still have three reset emblems left over. Pretty soon they’re going to the way of tall boots and herbs. So, what are we gonna do about this?

I am up to 27 reset emblems now. I use them very occasionally, but the option to get something, for say 20 of them, would be great!

Would be interesting if they add it as an ingredient for alchemy lab. Like if they had a level in alchemy lab that let your turn 50 emblems of one class plus 1 reset token into 65 emblems of another class.
Or they could just have a level in alchemy lab that directly converts 1 reset token into 20 emblems of a random class or something.

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Just used my 25th or so (reset Boomer +9 to get 3 nodes for Malo) and also stripped low talented 3* & 4* by gems. I’m out of reset chips.

I often swap some blems just for a tournament. I think it’s fun. Got never enough resetters.

If you do that there is a use for them. But for those people who don’t reset for tournaments the resets accumulate and another option would be great

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