Trade In/Exhange Duplicate Heroes for Epic Hero Tokens (EHT)

I think a great idea for everyone is if you could trade in something like the following:

Trade in a duplicate rare for a regular summon token (the one that gives the 1*-3* troops and heroes)

Trade in a duplicate epic for an Epic Hero Token.

Trade in a duplicate legendary for 10 Epic Hero Tokens.

It would be an extremely easy to program feature that does not need extensive testing as a bonus. It doesn’t cut into their Atlantis portal or event revenue either. It gives users something more exciting to do with duplicates than just feeding them. Seems like a win-win.

What do you all think?

… to get another dupe. :wink:


This is roughly what one of the potential ideas of Hero Academy works out to be — trading unwanted heroes for possible chances at other heroes.

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for that when it hits beta.


If its random, we will be doomed!
Put in the 3rd dupe of Aegir into the Hero Academy and bingo! Reinfeld pop up.
Or a 2nd dupe of Gormek for a 3rd Kashhrek dupe…lol.

Sounds great! Hope it goes into effect

I think this is a great idea!
Your suggested trade in values for 4* and 5* are good, however I think a 3* should be worth at least two regular summon tokens.
I always thought feeding dupe 3* and 4* heroes were not worth it and should have their experience value increased to be more in line with trainer heroes (and trainer heroes of 3*+ be increased further as well), and dupe 5* heroes should just never be eaten lol.

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Hero academy in my dream :

  1. Train 5 heroes 1* to 2*
  2. Train 10* heroes 2* to 3*
  3. Train 20* heroes 3* to 4*
  4. Train 30* heroes 4* to 5*
  5. Train 5* HOTM to other 5* HOTM
    5* S1 to other 5S1
    randomly (event, S1,S2, S3 as well)
    Can make it for 2
    , 3* or 4* as well
  6. Train to upgrade S1 heroes :
    Atk path
    Defense path
    Health path
    Train the selected heroes with dupe to get more % to increase the progress, or other heroes with Lower%
    Make maximum tier so the upgrades S1 not becomes OP but can useful to competitive with new heroes
    Lol, idk if this good or bad idea, but I really wish heroes academy can be a building that make “usual” heroes become good because that ACADEMY is for, to train heroes to be better one

yeah I hate the idea of trading heroes for tokens, that sucks. Exchanging Boldtusk dupes for Friar Tucks isn’t a value add for customers.

Let me exchange 5* heroes for hotm and 4* heroes for good 5* heroes. (I have a life time supply of tc20 heroes I would exchange for Gravemaker). And don’t make it take 2 months to max out the building before I can do it. Then I can be happy.


Just putting an emphasis on your take of trading heroes for tokens @CoreyOfTheIsland. Especially in the case of 5*, trading for just a slim chance (and ten epic hero tokens is still extremely slim) at another different 5* is just bad Juju for SG if implemented.

i think he was being sarcastic. I hope he was being sarcastic.

I would be estatic if you could trade a useless quintus for 3 EHTs, let alone 10. I can’t understand why people would rather waste their roster space with heroes rotting at 1/1 forever than to change it for a chance at a good hero.

I think anyone with a deep enough 5* roster to make quintus useless probably isn’t hurting to trade 5* in for better ones imo. But, even if Quintus was to be traded it’s just a bad deal to be trading Quintus or any 5* for a slew of 3 and 4* (good or bad) heroes that the player may likely have anyway. I get that trading a rare or epic for shot at legendary is a good deal but any kind of trading for existing 5* needs to account for the value of that trade in some way imo.

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Not true. I don’t have anywhere near the ascension mats to ascend all of my tc20 heroes like my 3 domitia dupes or my quintus. I’d rather just use 4 star heroes instead.

Instead of wasting roster space, and then I’d have to waste even more gems to expand my roster space, giving me a chance for an hotm or seasonal hero would be amazing. Sure, there’s a high chance it’ll turn into a feeder.

But there is literally ZERO value in a useless 5 star hero rotting there at 1/1. Actually, it’s not zero, it’s negative, because it’s wasting a roster space.

IF there was a way to turn rare or epic heroes into 5 stars (without the use of gems), I know I, for one, will never spend a single dime on this game ever again. Why spend when you can just get all the best heroes for free?

I mean, just looking at the proposal from OP, if I were to run 4 TC20s, I could get 146 epics and 36.5 5 star heroes per year. Assuming that I didn’t want any of them, that could be turned into 146 + 365 = 511 EHTs. At 1.3% chance for HoTM and 1% chance for seasonal 5 star, that’s nearly 12 free special heroes a year.

I’ve spent upwards of $300 on this game, and played actively for over a year, I’ve only got 8 non s1 5 star heroes.

So this proposal alone would be better than playing and spending $300 bucks. I can’t see how that’s undesirable. It’s clearly way too OP.

edit: Actually it’s even worse than my calculations. I forgot to account for the other epics and legendaries that can be rerolled from those 511 EHTs.

511 EHT = 7.665 season 1 5 stars and 135.4 4 stars.

So that’s an extra 76.65 + 135.4 = 212 EHTs from the heroes from those EHTs (the 3 stars become high exp feeders).

From those 212 EHTs, that’s another 4.876 special 5 star heroes and 3.18 s1 5 stars, 56.18 4 stars.

With those s1 5 stars and 4 star heroes, that’s another 31.8 + 56.2 = 88 EHTs. Which is another 2 special 5 star heroes… and so on. But I’ll spare the rest of the calculations.

Just that alone is nearly 19 special non s1 5 star heroes per year, along with hundreds of high exp feeders.

Well, whether a hero is useless or not really boils down to a matter of opinion in many cases so that’s a debate outside of the real point of my reply. Suffice to say I have a great roster and still wouldn’t trade Quintus for likely 3 or 4 star. Any 5* is difficult to get especially if not a TC20 hero. The fact that odds are so low for 5* means that needs to be factored into any trading that may occur with them and it should increase or guarantee opportunities at other 5*. I am not so naive to believe that SG would guarantee anything of the sort in that case but even increased odds would be much better for you when trading in that Quintus yeah :wink:

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Do you use every single one of your 5 star heroes? sure, for the ones you actually use, whether it’s quintus or margaret, that’s your choice, you can use them and NOT turn them into EHTs. No one is forcing you to do so.

But the rest? If you never use them anyway, if they stay 1/1 forever, how do they have any value at all? Assuming there’s no such thing as the hero academy, would you just keep wasting roster space with them and not use them as feeders? I don’t understand that logic.

Also, I edited my previous post, it’s even worse than I originally outlined.

The point is that any 5* being traded needs its value accounted for since they are by nature less common than epic and rare heroes. Roster space and all other considerations aside (including usage or non-usage) trading in a legendary hero needs increased or guaranteed odds to account for its rarity.

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Having a place where duplicates can be used to obtain coins / gems or similar can be a very nice idea. Another idea is having a building similar to tc for s2 and s3 heroes.
As long as exists tc 20 for getting free s1 heroes it would be also cool if hero accademy (without having to spend gems) could be help you to obtain s2, s3 or other heroes (not standard) for free (I mean not having to spend gems. It is good to spend food). It would be good also if there could a tier (exmple at lev 3?) where you could summon troops (even a place where you can train 1* or 2* troops max) and having a chance of having a trusted source for troop feeders. I think that having to spend gems in a building you painful realized is highly unfair. (So, imo, Alchemy Lab needs a complete revision. I am quoting the AL since my fear is that Hero Academy could be a bad building like currently AL is).

dude lol don’t just read something you disagree with and call it sarcasm so it suddenly becomes something you do agree with.

Epic hero tokens are the least valuable summons in the game. There is basically a 98% you would get something worse than a Quintos each time you use the token.

There are several games where if you collect very specific heroes you can exchange them for another. For example (just making up whatever here), one Quintos, one Sabine, one Leonidas, one Elena and x good would become an Ursena.

I think that that is the best possible use for the hero academy, allow the unlucky amongst us- both the unlucky spenders and unlucky non spenders- access to Ursena, Kunchen and BK because everybody else in war and on the top of the leaderboard already has them.


I thought it was sarcasm because

That. I mean, you really were serious with that? Why not just throw in a free HoTM every time you complete farming 8-7 too? Have all buildings finish in 1 second?

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Seriously, this game has so much power creep and the balance has become so broken over the past year and a half that it has lost so much of what it had when it first launched. There really did use to be a strong argument for using slow heroes at the beginning.

I think those of us long term players who have sunk so much time into this game are going no where. (Whether by choice or habit lol)

Make it easier to get the existing roster of heroes and let the VIP customers chase new heroes. Don’t tell me the guys who had all of the season 3 5* heroes on the first night are still spending $$ chasing Guardian Panther or Guin. And don’t tell me there is a fairness issue.

I gaurantee that all of us will have more fun if the game is more competitive, the team defenses more diverse, and the opponents you raid every day not as regular.

Think of these heroes as cars, sure a 2018 BMW has value, but your best customers leased them back in 2018. They’re all driving 2020s now. The rest of us in our 2017 civics are getting lost at the back of the race. And it’s not a function of time in the game, certainly not of ‘skill’ in acquiring heroes, just a function of not being willing to drop $10k in order to ensure access. That, I guarantee you, is true for 99% of the players in this game. Why some people who spend a couple hundred have a dozen special 5* while others, just 2, rng? Come on man, let’s get this hero academy right.

Every level in the academy should correspond with accessing a specific hero while trading in others. Even if gems are involved.

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I would love the idea of recicling more heroes to gain 1 good hero (without randomness) so anyone could seek for something actually useful. Your idea could be great also for 4* (for example one could like having Proteus or Wilbur ciclying heroes he/she doesn’t want for any reason). And it will be even cooler if It would be NOT random.

But I highly doubt that this suggestion will be accepted in the game, unluckly.

I never agree at this point, sorry. Building and upgrading something requires resource and HUGE times. Moreover “prizes” are not immediate but require time too (for example a tc20 require two days). So asking for gems after you did all this job is something that is simply unfair, and gems requirements should be completely removed also from Alchemy Lab.

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