Trade in Ascension Mats like you can for Emblems

Trade in Ascension Mats like you can for Emblems

If you get better heroes later in the game, please allow ascension materials to be removed from the hero it is on.

The penalty would be that the hero will lose all the levels attained along with the food used for ascension.

For example, if you have a Thorne maxed at tier 4/80.
Remove the 6 telescopes, 4 capes, 1 tome of tactics and 1 Damascus blade and put back into your inventory.
Thorne would lose all the levels attained so he would be at tier 3/70.

This will allow people to experiment and try out heroes instead of hoarding materials sometimes for months and never fully utilize some of their heroes.

My situation is I’m sitting on 5 rings and undecided between Marjana (been sitting on 3/70 for 3 months) and QoH. Also have Mitsuko and there’s always the hope for GM.

I’d like to be able to ascend QoH to tier 4 once I get the 6th ring, try her with some of my other heroes and leave her ascended or remove the materials to try on another red hero.

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