Trade heros for class emblems

New idea maybe. To trade duplicate heros for hero/class emblems. I have like 4 Wilburs and I would gladly trade them in for extra monk talent tokens.
Pretty please

I can’t say I would mind trading one of my 6 Kiril’s for a few Wizard emblems…at all

I like the idea in a vacuum but I’m afraid it would be bad for the game. Would favor the p2w whales, can you imagine everyone of their 5* heroes having maxed class?


Agreed, shame as it would ruin it

If everyone’s stuff is maxed wouldn’t that mean you would have to rely on strategy more then? Them in particular.

Normal folks like me can still advance not have to worry about a crazy amount of duplicates. And eventually when I max my desired 5 star team I could move all those tokens and still be competitive.

For instance I have a alliance member who has made 5 magnis. Who really needs 5 magnis? I know he would at least get rid of some especially if it gave him talents. Otherwise they’re all just going to sit there. And now that one magni could actually become super competitive

I initially voted for this, but then read @l2ider’s reply. He’s right. Here’s why.

Let’s say the system is as stingy as could be imagined: 3* heroes give 1 emblem of their class, 4* give 2, and 5* give 3. In my alliance it is probably the norm for people to do 100 summons per month or more. Using 100, that would give about 125 emblems as a byproduct of why we’re already pulling those heroes, namely to get some new hero. (Assuming, as is usually the case, that all but 1 or 2 of these pulls yields a dupe).

125 emblems/month is a lot. Moreover, there’s no way for F2P/C2P players to keep up with this pace; 125 emblems/month is far more than you can get by doing a bit better in Tournaments or Challenge Events.

So I have to reluctantly agree–adding more value to summons is just going to help whales widen the gap.


This feature just got released in the clone game. Trade in a duplicate 4* or 5* and get emblems in return.

Maybe the trick is trading in a MAXED 4 or 5* vs. a 1/1 duplicate.

That is not the solution, as again whales would be able to get emblems in return, while f2p would never give away maxed 4 or 5


I’m no whale but not f2p either.

I have a lot of duplicate 5* that would get me some nice batch of emblems.

I know some people with over 200+ duplicate 5* so if for simplicity each 5* is worth 50 emblems, how many more do the whales have compared to what you have.

For the person above, he would get 200 x 50 = 10,000 emblems! That’s probably much more than what the average player would receive if they allowed this.

Yes, eventually in a couple of years, maybe you’ll have some 5* class 20 but in the meantime you’ll be facing players with 10-20 maxed 5* +20s.

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Lol can you imagine if this system worked as badly as alchemy lab…

I mean people would do it but it would be at a ridiculous cost. Probly 10 5s for 5 emblems of an RnG class or some bs. At the cost of gems, a week’s time, a couple million hams, your first born, and a nude to the staff

Personally i don’t want anymore trades with the game. SG gave it a shot, crapped the bed, better off just not even giving it another shot.

Hero academy probly wont be any better of a system. Think I’ll be eating a stock of 5s tonight that I’ve squatted on for 2 yrs



Eve 6
Zim 6
Margaret 3
Anzogh 2
Elena 2
Justice 2
Horibhall 2
Leonidas 1

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That’s why I suggested they have to be a maxed card vs. purely a duplicate card.

It would be great to have a mechanism to be able to “retire” heroes by recycling them in the Hero Academy for emblems or rare mats. I know soon we’ll be able to covert 5* into a random other 5* but in the case where we have a lot of unused, unleveled 4* and 5* heroes it would be great to simply convert them into resources. So then we have 2 options for use of unused heroes.

Side note: Hero Academy also really needs to option for rerolling 4* heroes, not just 5* heroes as we see in beta. If not, at least the suggestion above gives us then a use for unused 4* heroes.

Playin a game right now that has a “retire hero” feature but I’m not far enough along to know exactly how it works yet

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Could be a hero academy feature.

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