Trade EVERYTHING in Alliances!

I have said this before elsewhere but it really needs its own topic for other comment on and hopefully the devs here could tell us when they can roll this out.

Let’s be honest. There needs to be something more to Alliances than just taking out Titans. It’s BORING right now. This game could be so much more. So until guys program the new Alliance fights feature thats been talked about how about allowing members in Alliances to trade EVERYTHING!

This is a feature that really needs o happen. We should be able to trade anything we want, from loot, to armies and characters cards with in the Alliance. Got too many red 3* troops that another member could use in that titan fight? Trade! Got ten Balthezars but your buddy wants one and cant ever get lucky with one but they got an extra Belith you’ve been wanting? Trade! Need just one more pair of boots to ascend your 4* and your alliance member needs that extra field manual? Trade!

One of the biggest benefits to this would be a way to off load these extra troops items and Heroes you just don’t need. I read a lot of people wish there could be something more done with the extra troops. Yes!!! I have so many 3* troops that could be better served to someone in my Alliance.

Who else agrees? Lets make this happen!

Make Alliances Trade


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