Trade 2 of the same hero randomly for 1 similar another

Background story:
I have got three Horghall, three Elkanen, two Kadilen. Sitting doing no crap. No Lianna. Last Atlantis summon gave me another Kadilen. There is no motivation to continue do summon if these sorry to say less useful heroes keep popping up.

Trade examples:

  • HotM: 2 Zelines (of course not) I can randomly get 1 other Hero of the month except for Zeline.
  • Event Hero: 2 Guardian Owl I can randomly get 1 randomly 5* event from Guardians
  • Season 2 5*: 2 Tarlak I can randomly get one Season 2 5* hero except for Tarlak
  • Season 1 5*: 2 Joons (yellow) I can randomly get 1 yellow 5* except for Joon

I agree. However, they know people will break down buy, pull, get angry and try again. It’s all $$$ for them.


Not me. If continue to get duplicates hard to get crap heroes. I won’t spend a buck on this game again.

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I’d agree with this, sometimes people have a bunch of the event heroes but they’re all the bad ones, at least give us a shot to reroll and it would probably gain them more money from more pulls in the end

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What about 50 gems a reroll? They get us to spend more gems on a pull and more people will buy gems to get a reroll. People who are p2p will burn through there gems and buy more as well. If u pull 10x each time it shows your hero there should be a reroll button (before the claim). It would be a gamble if you wanted a reroll on the 3rd out of 10.

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Sounds like something interesting, but different from what I propose. Maybe new feature request? Thanks for posting.

@NDarkNS I like the idea but 50 gems is not realistic imho. With roughly 70% chance at a 3*, you’re bound to get 3*, so spend 50 gems to try for hotm, 5* or 4*? “HELL YEAH!!” compared to another pull for 350 or 300 gems, big time deal.

I would say even a little discount for a reroll single pull would be something Sgg may consider? So 50 gem discount from the single pull cost. You’re basically getting 50 gems to trade in your 3* feeder u just pulled.

Thanks, like reading about new suggestions.

Yeah @whatisthis sorry. The reroll topics have already been presented.

However, I totally support the trade option. Even if it’s to get a new pull. I think reroll and trade option can go hand in hand and wanted to add to your awesome idea :slight_smile:

No problem. It generated some activity in this topic and I like that.

I understand what you want, but I think the purpose is different. My proposal tackles the heroes already in inventory and future trainings.

Also rerolling is cheap summon. No way SG is going to do that. So I stick my plan. Trading two heroes for one hero of same type motivates additional summons what @Dragonslayer1990 says.

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love the idea of trading but for those of us not lucky enough to have pulled even a single 5star, i think a ‘trade-in value’ for our repeat heroes would be better. i.e. i have pulled almost twenty 3star dark heroes (7prisca, 6tyrum,
5balthazar-that i can remember;) but never a 4- or 5star. what if… these multiples could be traded in place of a small # of gems-say 25? altho 50 wd b nice-as partial payment for next summons? to make it even close to a viable solution for s•g, the value of said heroes would have to be ridiculously low-like trading in a car that u kno is worth more than the dealer will give u. so ill leave the specfic mathmatics out-just let it suffice to say i wish there was a way to upgrade your heroes by trading in a set of any multiple hero for a higher-starred one. so maybe not gem credit, but a new summons possibly-1 where you would pay for the roll with the multiple hero sets…?? i kno i wud glady give my 5tyrums for a chance at a 4star!! or 10 for that elusive 5star i have yet to pull (after 3months of daily play &2months vip)…

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I would also love the trade option, but I think we have to be realistic, SG will never release this option ig. If they do, it means they will lose money. That’s why they made this game in the first place. They are buisness people. But if the trade option should be realistic then it would cost a ton of gems to do it. I think about 3 or 400gems, and there would be a chance of getting the heroes you traded. Sorry to say it, but that’s how it’s gonna be if it happens.

don’t really see how trading in 10 heroes for 1new would lose $$ for s•g. at 300 gems/each or even 2600/ten…wouldn’t that make the trade-in idea a valuable source of new income? if the 10:1 ratio was used then really 1hero would cost 3000 gems!! i feel that would make money for s•g &give players who cannot get higher star heroes in summons a chance to compete with all those lucky fools who hit 4- &5stars in daily summons (grrr…). if there was an option for trade, i imagine that no matter how expensive it was, those of us stuck with bunches of craptasticcally lame heroes would glady pay (sorry-trade!) just to see that 5star in our roster… i dont disagree that it would be exorbitant, but at least to have that option…? well-it would be nice.

add on: if the 10:1 trade in was used…thats 30$$ worth of summons. how does a 30$ hero not make money for s•g? DEVS SEE THIS!!

I stopped spending because I’m sitting on a lot of CRAP 5*. Why should I pay money to get even more heroes I will never level? Related to the scarce of ascension material, but that is another problem. If I know these duplicates heroes have a use, I have more reason to do summons.

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