Tracking Name Changes

Is there any way to possibly be able to track when a player changes names? We’ve tried to keep out people who left/got booted from our alliance on bad terms and we’ve had a few who change their names and come back to screw with us on at least one war. Would be nice to be able to see if someone comes along out of the blue and has changed their name.

Yeah. Block those players you have booted. You’ll be able have a list of blocked players appearing on the gear icon on the Chat page. From there, you can determine whether a new member is one of those blocked by you, regardless of them changing their names.


If you have them blocked, you can’t see them apply to enter your alliance in the first place. You can’t see them, so you can’t let them in. Easy as long as you keep the alliance to request entry only. :slightly_smiling_face:


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