Track You Hero's Talents

With the new hero’s talents wouldn’t it be great to have a way to track your decision and determine the future outcome? I have created a tree diagram that will allow you to do just that. Each page has 32 ending outcomes and four attacked side by side will provide you the 128 spaces to write your own personal “game plan” for leveling your hero’s talents.

@Rae-Gen Cool idea! Are you suggesting this be added to the game, or just providing it as a tool for other players?

@Kamikaze_Assassin has produced a lovely spreadsheet that will do all this for you. It’s linked in this post:


@Rae-Gen, thanks for the conversation in Global Chat, and for pointing me to this thread! I appreciate the work you’ve done here.

I played with the Tree for Khiona, and have established my “road-map” for her. :smile:

On my first “Road-map,” I felt I was focusing too much on ATK, and while that build did result in higher HP, I believe the higher DEF stat will lend more to her overall durability than the HP will. In my opinion, due to HP being a “fixed” value during a battle, the DEF stat is more useful as it will apply throughout the battle - the longer it takes to bring down the opponent, the more valuable the DEF path becomes.

So anyway, I reworked the tree and found a path that led to her ATK and DEF being the same. :smile: the outcome seems well balanced.

Based on the nodes I plan to utilize, when finished, Khiona’s stats will be:
ATK 822, DEF 822, HP 1408 with a +2% boost to Mana Regen, +4% Critical Hit Chance and +20% chance to dodge incoming special skills.

Again, I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which you approach the “Classing Up” of a hero, and the insights behind your decision making.

Look forward to meeting in GC again!
:slight_smile: Tima

Edit: With the Trials of Survival popping up this morning, I almost have enough Rogue Emblems to activate that First Node! :smile:

Thank you all who are finding this useful, please reply to keep it live so others can use it as a tool as well

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