TP needed to beat S2 hard levels?

I took me 3 attempts trying 2/2/1 using 2 reds, 2 greens and Wu, 4/1 greens and Wu and then 3/2 using 3 blues and 2 greens. With those I had revive, dragon, purple banner and hp and mana potions.

They all failed getting to about 30% of the titan.

This attempt I changed to what you see there and it worked beautifully.

Wu was a killer as he had way to many misses which wasted about 60% of hitting points. Worst hero for this.

Which line up would be better for this final stage?

Go with the second one. Ursena and her minions are purple and her special reflects yellow, so a neutral stack is your best bet

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I’m through most of Province 11 on hard with a team made of maxed/emblemed 4* heroes. Mostly use some combination of Skittles, Grimm, Rigard, Chao, Scarlett, Kiril, Little John. Tiburtus, Anzogh (3:70), Caedmon (4:45), and Wu Kong are also available but I haven’t put them in yet. I sometimes need a healing pot or two at the start to make sure no one dies in the first level.

I made it all the way to province 24 on Hard with a team of maxed 4*, with 3-8 emblems each. Team power about 3500. but from province 21 or so i needed tons of items, especially revive scrolls and mana pots.

I always use Proteus, because duh he is Proteus. then I use a combination of the others based on enemy color and special skill:

Gormek, Lance
Kiril, Triton
Li Xiu
Skittleskull, Jack O’Hare

and occasionally Aeron or Aegir (both 3/70)

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I did hard mode with TP about 3600-3700. I defeated Ursena with Rigard, Boldtusk, Grimm, Scarlett and Richard. Richard was not maxed, he was as strong as Scarlett. 4*s were maxed. As you can see, my team was very defensive: no holy hero to not get higher damage, two healers and two attack debuffers. I had not to care much about releasing of Ursena’s specials, I survived it when she was debuffed. But the fight was long, about 40 minutes. I used just about 15 minor healing potions, some mana potions for the healers and a few time stops.

For dense fogs I used both 4* riposters (Cyprian was at 3rd tier), Wu Kong, Rigard and Boldtusk. Very defensive strategy again: healing, and inflicting no damage from specials, since it might go in vain. The fight was boring sometimes, but I made it.

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Wish I had found this thread when I was struggling defeating ursena on hard! Anyway, I managed to pass with a 3644 all 4-star team. Yes I remembered that number that clearly because it was a really hard but super fun battle.

Here’s the final team I used to win. From L to R: Chao, Grimm, boldtusk, Sonya, Rigard. They were all maxed and emblemed, but I still lost a few times. I had a Joon on his 3rd tier, but he just wasn’t enough, especially when facing ursena’s reflects. So for like a month I just gave up on trying to defeat her. Then one day, while attacking a titan, it finally hit me: hitting the weak point with 3 tiles stuns the titan!! Seeing that I didn’t (and still don’t) have any good mana control heros like proteus, hel, or even the ability to make any time stops, I went in with my all 4-star team, revival scrolls, minor mana, minor healing, and arrows. I made it a priority to continuously stun her so my team can survive as long as possible with a fighting chance, and it worked! I almost couldn’t believe it. Now waiting the next AR to use my 500 coin reward and hopefully to finally pull Wilbur or proteus!

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I’ve been rolling with this but I’m really considering a change.


Sesson 2 aint no joke

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