TP limited Stages for future seasons (and/or tournaments, challenge events)

What if there were stages that limited your team’s TP? For example, only teams with under 3500 TP are allowed to compete in this stage.

Or only teams under 2750 can participate in this raid tournament. Etc.

Would add a different element of challenge, planning and skill to the game.

In my mind it is something like that from long time!!! And for raids too… it is abnormal for me to fight with 4000 TP against 4600 TP and win… the loses for enemy is too large… so it is necessary a TP limit! Yes!

The game currently has a team cost that is essentially useless. I’d like to see that used in some sort of fashion. That would essentially do the same thing you are talking about.


Here’s the same idea but specific to tournaments.


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